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Niels Elgaard Larsen

Mapper since:
December 21, 2005
Last map edit:
June 19, 2024

Admin on Project head on, netsharegui.sf


I sometimes make a lot of notes in shorthand when I am a passenger in a car while recording for Mapillary at the same time. My intention is to resolve the notes myself once the Mapillary pictures are uploaded and processed. But if you see a note like “70e b m” it means that driving eastward on the road I saw a 70 km/h sign that marked the beginning of the speed limit (in Canada signs can have a “begins”subsign) and that it should be visible on Mapillary.


I started using a Nokia 770 with bluetooth GPS, then a Blackberry with GpsMid, later a Ventus Skytraq USB logger. Now I most use a Samsung tablet with OsmAnd. Occasionally my Garming Forerunner 405 watch.


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