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Bright, Australia over 13 years ago

I mapped the Falls creek climb on my bike. Almost 2 years ago now during the Alpine Classic. I did the 130km section which didn't include Buffalo. Beautiful ride down, the little ups arn't big enough to really work up too much of a sweat.

Strange flood near Abbotsford almost 14 years ago

Nope it wasn't lake Samish. The problem is almost certainly due to the PGS data that has been used to represent the river that goes through Everson. There is a lot of coastline data that goes anti-clockwise. This will cause flooding. All that data should be deleted and replaced with waterway tags. It would be good also if the river had a name. Unfortunately coastline data is treated differently to any other data on the map. It is converted into shape files and loaded as a background but only intermittently. So even after you delete it all and replace it with a river, it still may not show up on Mapnik as fixed for some weeks.

I'm not a local so I haven't deleted the coastline data that appears to be in error.

Strange flood near Abbotsford almost 14 years ago

I've made the boundary of Lake Samish clockwise. Hopefully that should fix it. However its a bit puzzling. The boundary was changed from coastline to natural=water on the 28th of July. I presume the direction of the way didn't change then. I can only think that the coastline renderer is smarter in working out that the area represented a lake.

Strange flood near Abbotsford almost 14 years ago

Ah OK, checking the map with the flood on it again its definitely not lake Harrison. Possibly Lake Samish. That currently has natural water on the right.

Strange flood near Abbotsford almost 14 years ago


It looks to me like it could be a problem with the islands in Harrison lake. They are tagged natural=water but I don't think they should be tagged at all. (Based on As the water is on the right of the way the area floods. However I could be wrong, this flooding can be tricky.

Bike ride to Coraki almost 14 years ago

It was the Wilsons and Richmond rivers. There are still quite a few like that around my area that I need to consider aligning to a PC boundary. I love it when I find a boundary that aligns to a long river. The Avoca was like that. Good to hear you are doing a lot of long distance mapping on the bike. I'm tending to spend more time mapping country areas in the car lately, just using the bike on suburban areas.

Bike ride to Coraki almost 14 years ago

I see you traced some rivers along some post code boundaries. Where the post code looks like it follows the river I generally just add the waterway and name tags to the postcode way. You can split the administrative boundary at any points where it departs from the waterway course

By road and foot almost 14 years ago

Great map reference. Completely empty! Its good to be a pioneer.

By road and foot almost 14 years ago

Thats some trip. I'm gradually working my way through 12 pages of notes from a 4 day trip to the Little Desert and back through the Grampians. Its kept me busy for a week so far most evenings.

Bendigo, Heathcote & surrounds about 14 years ago

Oh and have a great holiday in Europe

Bendigo, Heathcote & surrounds about 14 years ago

Hi Craig,
Good stuff. I particularly like the work around Lockwood South. I'd like though, to put the Harcourt - Maldon road back to secondary. Its a major and fast road for us in maldon. Many use it as the fastest road to Melbourne. Its a much more major road than many of of the other sealed roads around.

Easter Friday - Lisle Gully Historic Walk about 14 years ago

Forgot to add coordinates

Bendigo Creek about 14 years ago

Hi Craig,

I really like the retaining wall feature you added. It looks great on Mapnik. I am coming up to Bendigo tomorrow on the train for an excursion with the family. Won't be able to get much mapping done but will try and do the station at least.



Renting a car again about 14 years ago

Hi Skippern,

I tried mapping streets with my young girls and found it very expensive. I had to bribe them with 50 cents for every street they found, as well as buy them lunch, ice creams and cinema tickets.

My partner does like mapping though as we get to see places we wouldn't normally go to. Especially since she has just moved to Melbourne and didn't know the place so well.

First "incident" while mapping about 14 years ago

You have done some impressive mapping Dave. My perspective is that I also prefer to map on a bicycle too. Generally when going to Maldon I take the train to Castlemaine and cycle from there. This time I needed the car. I mapped the road from bright to falls creek on my bike. 130km with a fair bit of climbing. The road down from falls was good though about 30km almost continuous down hill at between 50 and 60 kph.