Have made heaps of updates around Bendigo, Heathcote & surrounds.

Finally got my GPS tracks traced and uploaded including
1) linear trail from reservoir in Kangaroo Flat through to Bendigo, including all bridges
2) all streets south of the creek between Myrtle and Golden Square
3) Some of the major thoroughfares through Bendigo

Bendigo Surrounds
1) Mapped all the "new" subdivison at Lockwood South through to Bradford Road
2) Some of the major routes to the south/south west of the city including Tannery lane and all adjacent streets
3) Additional roads between Tannery lane and Lake Eppalock

Tied this in with an orienteering event, including
1) Heathcote Costerfield back road
2) Pink cliffs historic reserve, the walking tracks

Doubt there will be too much ore done before I head overseas for 10 weeks, returning early August. Good chance to utilise OSM on the GPS while away and see how well UK and Ireland is mapped.

Location: Axe Creek, City of Greater Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

Comment from Neil Penman on 12 May 2009 at 10:51

Hi Craig,
Good stuff. I particularly like the work around Lockwood South. I'd like though, to put the Harcourt - Maldon road back to secondary. Its a major and fast road for us in maldon. Many use it as the fastest road to Melbourne. Its a much more major road than many of of the other sealed roads around.

Comment from Neil Penman on 12 May 2009 at 10:51

Oh and have a great holiday in Europe

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