Renting a car again

Posted by Skippern on 24 March 2009 in English (English).

No, I still don't have my own car, so I am renting one again. The reason? Visitors. We need to get some more around, and during these 3 weeks we have this car I will try to get some more survey work done.

This far I have done the way to Praia Castilanho and and some missing roads in Guarapari Centro have been done. A few additional roads also have been done. Further during these weeks I will have a trip to Ouro Preto and Belo Horizonte, and some other places.

I have also started to look for a bike with a baby-carriage, side-carriage or something similar, something that will allow me to do bicycle survey together with my son.

In the middle of this, I am still struggling to set aside money to buy a car. A dream would be to have a homebrew street navigator utilizing OSM maps as well as gathering GPX tracks, liberating my handheld GPS for footways, cycleways, and tracks.

Location: Centro, Guarapari, Região Geográfica Imediata de Vitória, Greater Vitória, Região Geográfica Intermediária de Vitória, Espírito Santo, Southeast Region, Brazil

Comment from Neil Penman on 25 March 2009 at 12:44

Hi Skippern,

I tried mapping streets with my young girls and found it very expensive. I had to bribe them with 50 cents for every street they found, as well as buy them lunch, ice creams and cinema tickets.

My partner does like mapping though as we get to see places we wouldn't normally go to. Especially since she has just moved to Melbourne and didn't know the place so well.

Comment from Skippern on 25 March 2009 at 16:10

My wife does not agree in that department, when I stroll off some unknown road, or experiment a different route, than I am spending fuel for nothing, or are putting us all in danger, or we are getting lost. That I can backtrack us on the GPS, or actually arrive safely at destination is not a valid argument. Hope it get better when I can install a street navigator with OSM maps in our (future) car so that she can see with her own eyes the benefit of the surveyed data.

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