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Share your story: Open Gender Monologues 5 days ago

When I see some comments like "women do not participate in OSM because they are not interested" is like listening the same argument 10 or 15 years ago about the lack in women in STEM majors. I am part of Geochicas initiative and I can share we need to create the necessary conditions to have a more diverse participation that will create an inclusive map. Since the beginning of may participation in OSM I have meet amazing people who has welcome me in the community but not all the people I know have had the same experience. So for those who are reluctant to believe there is a problem I kindly invite you to be part of the discussions and panels taking place in SOTMs and having a mind open to listen and being emphatic to other people experiences.

OSM Awards as a thermometer on diversity in the mapping community 4 months ago

Hi to all, a few of you mention OSM is a volunteer project and is a personal choice to contribute to OSM, this is correct but as you can see in the past years STEM carreers and communities are trying to create conditions that help to promote having a more diverse audience and participation, something that is helping to see more and more people from different genders and backgrounds is adding value to the conversation. Twenty years ago how many women did you see in Engineering or Computer Science?? not many but thanks to creating the conditions more people feels welcome to join these disciplines.

So thanks to all who open their minds and see more than just a nature difference and create initiatives to have a diverse community that can have data not just from the same type of profile.

Thanks @mapanauta

Mapeo Humanitario Libre y Abierto en respuesta a los terremotos de México 9 months ago

Perdón ya se acaba de agregar ;) también puedes ingresar al Grupo de Telegram y ahí queremos organizar cosas

Engaging High School Geography professors with OpenStreetMap over 1 year ago

Thanks a lot amigo!!!

OpenStreetMap in CubaConf 2016 about 2 years ago

Muchas felicidades Willie! Sometimes in workshops due to the amount of participants we face internet issues even living in countries with no internet restrictions so we will follow your best practices for offline workshops ;)