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Removing phone booths in Belgium

Posted by M!dgard on 28 July 2015 in English (English)

Update: The mechanical edit described in this diary entry has been discussed on the Belgian mailing list. You should never do an edit like this without prior consultation with and consent of the relevant community/communities. Also make sure to read the Automated Edits code of conduct if you plan on making an automated edit. OpenStreetMap is generally not welcoming those, even when they follow all rules.

All Belgacom/Proximus telephone booths in Belgium are removed from the streets. With changeset #32926155 those that had operator=Belgacom or Proximus have also been removed from OSM.

The remaining phone booths before their removal. Most of them are near Brussels.

I used the following Overpass query:

/* Find all Belgacom/Proximus phone booths in bbox */

out meta qt;

This fetched all phone booths and also any ways they are connected to. No relations were matched, which was good. Then, in JOSM, I did the following searches to obtain phone booths that are member of a way:

  • type:way (no phone booths were tagged as ways)
  • amenity=telephone child selected

I removed all tags on those 4 nodes.

Then I searched all remaining amenity=telephones and removed the nodes.

Some stats:

  • There were 320 Belgacom/Proximus phone booths left in OSM in Belgium.
  • 316 had operator=Belgacom, 2 belgacom and 2 Belgacom NV
  • 3 phone booths had covered=yes, 1 had covered=no.

Note that at the time of writing there are still 320 other amenity=telephones left in Belgium. (Exactely the same number as I removed!) They haven't been tagged with operator=Belgacom and should be manually surveyed and removed if necessary.

You are invited to add a note like verified that this phone still exists 2015-07-28 to any phones that you have surveyed, to prevent mappers from armchair-mapping them away. (They shouldn't, but just to be sure.) An operator tag is appreciated as well.

Search for amenity=telephones in Belgium

/* Find all phone booths in Belgium */

out qt;

Public transport

Posted by M!dgard on 30 November 2013 in English (English)

How should bus lines be mapped?

In 2011, this scheme was approved and according to the proposal page it is active. I took the time to learn it and I tried it out, but as far as I can tell, it is not supported well.

Apparently the wiki proposal page has not been cleaned up and not all of the information on it has been put on the page about public transport. I find this situation to be confusing.

If you know more about how to tag public transport or want to share thoughts, please contact me on my wiki talk page.

Location: Brugge-Centrum, Brugge, Bruges, Brugge, West Flanders, Flanders, Belgium


Posted by M!dgard on 30 July 2012 in English (English)

This message is deleted.