Mapper since:
July 27, 2012

Hi, I’m Midgard. I’m from Belgium, so I’m mostly mapping there.

Freelance mapping and consulting: For a reasonable fee, you can rely on my extensive experience of over 11 years in almost all aspects of OpenStreetMap! I’m available for mapping, creating tagging schemes, exporting and curating data, and more. Creating a stunning map image with custom cartography is also possible, based on OSM data and any other data sources you want to bring.

Get in touch via email at or via OSM PM. I can create an invoice for you.

Paid-for editing is done with the account M!dgard commissioned.

Languages: Nederlands, English, français, (italiano), (Deutsch)

Related accounts: wikihelpforumFramagit

I’m midgard on both the OFTC and Libera IRC networks and in the Fediverse.