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City of Edmonton Open data primer

Posted by KevinOs on 10 October 2022 in English.

City of Edmonton has an excellent data set to assist with entry into JOSM. navigate to to locate data sets.

example: Street lighting

This is a giant data set, but data can be exported for use directly to CSV, XML, etc.. or you can further make use of the API to select a subset by clicking on the view source data:

rxke-mcvd : verify the right data set endpoint location radius (in m?)$where=within_circle(geometry_point, 53.595, -113.479, 1000)

adjusting the circle to a suitable radius and location in the city to start working with the data, consult the API for more details on points vs geometry.

Once downloaded as geojson, import to JOSM to help with your edits.

Location: Downtown, Central Core, Edmonton, Division No. 11, Alberta, Canada


Comment from lyx on 10 October 2022 at 10:42

Great that Edmonton makes those datasets available. However, if you use that data to add information to OSM, please make sure that the required attribution is added to It looks like the City of Edmonton is not yet mentioned there.

Comment from KevinOs on 10 October 2022 at 21:36

Great point Lyx, thank you for saving some potential grief. I made some assumptions based on the “recent” building footprints being added that the open data was free game. Edmonton’s “open government license dated Jul ‘22 are identical to that of Vancouvers which is listed in the wiki. I will investigate adding this to the wiki to help out others ensure the data is good to go.

Comment from KevinOs on 10 October 2022 at 22:22

Added attributions per the licence agreement. Also included a nearby city of Calgary as I suspect that data was already being used. Will investigate the other major center that may have also made updates to similar licenses as well as the province to assist others. The data and tools are really fantastic and would be a great help i am sure. Thanks again for the heads up!

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