Riau Province Administrative Boundary

Posted by Kampar on 21 December 2017 in English (English)

It's 5 in the morning,and I haven't sleep yet ... I mess a lot with Riau administrative boundary ... it's huge nodes after all ... more than 10k nodes ...

My big plan is -- err was -- to jump into admin_level 5 directly and add all 12 regencies/cities within Riau province [admin_level 4].

but ... it's not simple as my initial taught, whilst the boundary of riau and neighboring province is created from 3 sources and they all m:

  • NE (Natural Earth) 10m --> this is so low res --> some how remind me with ESRI admin00 shp
  • Bakosurtanal file (I think), from INIGIS website ( I got files like these prior 2014)
  • new, revised 2014 boundaries [known as BPS 2010, because they embed BPS 2010 reference numbering scheme] , taken from PEMILU API, this is so far the newer one and the "most official" one .... aren't them? lol

And ... I'm too afraid messing around with previously old - sacred - relation / boundary created by OSM guru here ... :lol:

I know I'm messing around here, and if you mad, you'll find me in my campus, reviewing my student internship, gosh, there are 15 of them this 8'am, presenting...

[out:xml][timeout:25][bbox:{{bbox}}]; ( node["boundary"="administrative"]; way["boundary"="administrative"]; relation["boundary"="administrative"]; ); (._;>;); out meta;

^ my cheat sheet

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