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A hybrid conference set up for State of the Map Tanzania 2023, lessons learned 3 months ago

Thank you so much for all your work on this Geoffrey, and for documenting it so comprehensively. Another tip I’d add, it would have been great if we had also recorded the audio of the talks locally as a backup, to replace that in the YouTube videos where necessary.. Good luck for SOTM Africa! Janet

STATE OF THE MAP AFRICA 2021: (SMCoSE YouthMappers) over 1 year ago

Great report Erick and thank you for your support to Crowd2Map..

Development of solutions using data over 1 year ago

Glad you enjoyed it Sheila, and thank you for all your work with Crowd2Map!

Onboarding New Mappers over 1 year ago

Very interesting, thank you! Would love to talk more about how we can improve new mapper induction at Crowd2Map. Also would you be interested in doing a webinar for our (and other) interns and Youthmappers on this please? Many thanks, Janet

2021 HOT Staff OSM FIGHT Heavyweight Championship over 1 year ago

Great idea, Pete - might try this within Crowd2Map..

What is a regional hub? over 2 years ago

We at Crowd2Map are looking forward to engaging with the East Africa regional hub. We hope they manage to reach as far as the digital champions in rural Mara, and the other community mappers in remote rural areas, that are very far from Nairobi in every sense..

Best wishes, Janet

Growth of the OpenStreetMap Foundation membership - impact of the active contributor membership program over 2 years ago

Thanks Joost, very interesting. But the data for Tanzania doesn’t really tell us much, is it possible to get the actual numbers please? Thanks.. Janet

The State of OpenStreetMap in Africa almost 3 years ago

Well done Geoffrey, very interesting and useful!

OSMF membership rates by country almost 3 years ago

Very interesting. Is there any updated information anywhere please? Thanks Janet

My experiences from State of the Map 2018, Milan, Italy almost 5 years ago

Was great to see you again, and what a wonderful conference..

MAPS.ME is now an editor about 7 years ago

Loving here in Tanzania, but wish list of categories was more relevant.

Also wondering when map will be updated and whether this will happen automatically.

Thanks Janet