Danemark - along the coast of Jytland

Posted by JND on 21 October 2009 in English (English)

This years main holiday took me along the coast of Danemark, from Ribe to Nymindegap, Thyborøn, Løkken, Hanstholm, Grenen, Skagen, Sæby, Udbyhøj, Hobro, Jelling, Kolding, Sandersvik and back to Germany...
Lots of streets were already mapped and there must have been an import of housenumbers. This releaved from the struggle to remember the street names, as there where always houses around, that had the rights tags.
I think there is still a lot to do, most smaller streets are missing and the mapping of the footpathes has not really started, at least in the areas where I have been. Also the coastline needs a lot of work, it looks like it was regained from a very croase bitmap.

So if You are for a mapping holiday, go for Danemark ;-)

The referenced map shows the "refined" harbour of Sæby, the campsite and a freshly added castle.

Location: Gustav Wiedsvej, Sæby, Frederikshavn Municipality, North Denmark Region, 9390, Denmark

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