Why I like the Poster Competitions ! Please organise in the State of the Map 2018 again !

Posted by ImreSamu on 23 January 2018 in English (English)

Some reasons:

  • I like visualizations, arts, and maps!
  • I have enjoyed the Sotm-eu 2014 Poster Competition
  • I have printed some of them ( color A2 size) - and reusing all the times the best posters!
    • I put on the walls in the local Foss4g/OpenSource conferences - and the visitors like it!!!
      • This is a core of our “Tile Based OSM presentation”! ( and a Minimal Viable Marketing )

So please organize a “Poster Competitions” in the State of the Map 2018 again!

I need new posters for our marketing actions! :)


// member of the OSM Hungary

One of my favorite from SOTM-EU2014 ( OSM Pop Art by @leopardengruen ) OSM Pop Art

Original size for printing - OSM POP Art

Comment from Zverik on 23 January 2018 at 20:00

Thanks for writing this! I agree, poster competitions are fun. And that was me who took this marvellous Pop Art poster home :)

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