Improving the map of La Boquilla

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Saturday August 17, 2013.

“That you do today is for our benefit tomorrow, with data updated on the map, together with those collected with the tablets, we are going to use it to plan and make decisions” These were the words given by the Chairman of the Board La Boquilla Community, Benjamin Luna, at the closure of the mapping party.

Cake with map of La Boquilla

9:00 AM. To my good fortune Internet was familiar among 20 adolescents U-shaped stationed in the Library of the House of Culture, but the next question was not so welcome, none knew about online maps, even popular brands made no sense… The degree of attention was emphasized in the room gradually and peaked when talking about satellites and GPS, was when the aerial photos and the geographic location served as a connection with the maps and their construction process.

Introduction to the workshop.

10:00 AM. Each team was emboldened to show others its work plan, route, streets, houses, poles, landfills and trade sites that will cover in their respective quadrant of Fieldpapers.

team planning

Sharing plan with others

Only a small guided outlet on field data collection was enough, to then the teams in competition started in a energic way to capture its first data.

guided outlet on field data collection

In the interim, while waiting for the return of teams, I showed the use of GPS to members of the Community Council, they have two Garmin eTrex units, to which will provide more uses from now.

12:30. PM The midday sun was calling the arrival of the teams, and with everyone in the room starting to shared their experiences, spoke (with ease) on new streets found, some closed, new houses, many houses together at the same time, many vacant lots as foci garbage disposal. Some of them expressed:

  • “Why are there so many empty lots if people live in cramped houses?”;
  • “We need more space for recreation, these vacant lots can better serve the community”.

All impressions and ideas were about improving their community were scored on their worksheets.

1:30 PM. A rewarding at the end point of the jormada was when a young girl approached to me asking softly:

  • “How I can get the map? That is asked to me a lot at school.”

I wrote on the board the URL and then teach them how to export map images and so use them in their schoolwork.

Next activity will be a workshop to raise OSM data with iD or JOSM editor, which will document in detail all findings.

Location: MARLINDA, Cartagena, Dique, Bolívar, Caribe, Colombia

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Wonderfull story. Thank you for sharing.

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