Mapper since:
December 12, 2009

In late 2009 after randomly stumbling upon OpenStreetMap, I found that my then hometown of Ribe was barely mapped and immediately started mapping it and the nearest surroundings using a GPS I had until then used for geocaching. In early 2011 after Fugro released their 2005 aerial imagery I proceeded to map all of southwest Jutland. After that I gradually proceeded to armchair-mapping all over Denmark, primarily aligning and fixing roads based on available imagery, gps tracks and other available info, which was something hardly anyone else appeared interested in doing, but helped me gain considerable experience.

I’m now among the absolute top contributors to OSM and tend to spend a lot of my time watching the activity in Denmark (via, looking for mistakes and trying my best to guide less experienced contributors.

My edit sessions often tend to grow quite massive, covering whole villages or even small towns in one go and I usually find it hard to write good descriptive comments for those massive changesets. If anyone’s bothered by that I can only say: I find it hard to change and I’m sorry. I think I’m doing a good job though and to date I’ve received very few complaints.

You can see where I’ve been active at my OSM Heat Map and some statistics here.

I can often be found on the danish OSM IRC (irc:// #osm-dk) and is subscribed to the danish OSM mailing list

My main gps is a Garmin GPSmap 62s loaded with OSM based maps processed by I also regularly use OsmAnd as well as Maps.Me

I have no car and often walk or ride my bicycle