I updated the “Long Names Of OpenStreetMap”.

theatre example

Now there are 722 long names, that is, objects with a name longer than 150 bytes.

I haven’t run a full update since October 2017. Back then there were 464 long names. So I guess we’re getting worse at keeping our names short.

It looks like bus routes with very long name values are becoming more widespread. For example here is the “391 “B”: Veresegyház, Misszió Egészségügyi Központ => Veresegyház, Dukát utca => Veresegyház, Cserje utca => Veresegyház, Eötvös utca => Veresegyház, Újiskola utca” bus route. Snappy name!

Maybe I should’ve limited by character count rather than bytes. Cyrillic scripts are at a unicodey disadvantage, not to mention chinese.

Not all of them cause wacky rendering like the theatre example in the screenshot above (node).

I do think they all have something in common though. Using the name tag for something which isn’t really a name.

There’s some more details and comments on my original diary entry about this. From a tagging policy perspective there’s a discussion (so far just between myself) on the wiki: “Very long names. bad practice/bug?

Comment from kocio on 10 September 2019 at 00:48

See the updated name - Folklore Cultural Theatre. the rest is not name, just description and it’s correctly tagged now (description:ru) - using automated translation:

Katakali Dance Show. $ 25 traditional Katakali dance is mentioned in the 2nd century and develops until the 16th century. Katakali is a kind of dance drama that unfolds in the dance, this dance has been the progenitor of the folk theater since ancient times.

Comment from Harry Wood on 10 September 2019 at 20:23

Well done kocio. Yeah “Folklore Cultural Theatre” seems like a better name! I think a lot of these could have details transferred into a “description” tag like that.

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