Merchant's Railway -Portland UK,EU

Posted by Govanus on 10 February 2014 in English (English)

Tried to use the original (unpart updated) 1930's 25k map loaded to id editor along with bing aerial surface information and a few other sources to make a reasonable attempt at marking out the "Merchants Railway" on Portland that travelled quite far at both ends of its cable incline. Not actually sure but I don't think it was adverse to some trips carrying additional non-stone loads over time. But heavy stone was economic base of this and initially most railways reaching up to the top of the island. Local supply goods for other trades did begin to show signs of diverse future as the National rail network spread and gained more influence than sea traffic towards beginning of the 20th and end of 19th Centuries. The Navy and Prison service also utilise the rail capacity mainly around the coasts.


On the weekend I tried doing more infomation to Southfiled part as there is a suppriseingly large amount unmarked especialy in the large mixed use buildings. Also a the longest terrace of garages also needs to be finshed off too.

Location: Portland CP, Weymouth and Portland, Dorset, South West England, England, United Kingdom

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