garage numbers at southfield pk colwey

Posted by Govanus on 6 December 2013 in English (English)

I started to look at the other half of the estate and it seems to have been tidied up with regard to number marking though many are marked in fading pen enough to make some logic to the scheme. It seems to follow a pattern relating almost to one garage to one flat with some left not so clear as the numbers have gone completely. As the flats where originally numbered on a numbering that best suited neat terraces with numbers jumping across the street (odds to one side and evens to the other) allowing a postman to walk down the street once and deliver all the letters when put in number order. Unfortunately that means that house numbers in Southfield park although theoreticaly still on opposite sides of the road are not really as close to each other when in numerical order anymore as whole blocks dozens of ten of meters away hold each half. There is a possibility that the garages run by the council were also once numbered in a similar fashion to the flats but where rationalised into the current scheme now going into OSM is also possible. the only two distinct garages on OSM from the private side there number too faded to read. When I dissolve the blocks made and add the missing ones then I can begin filling in the other scheme to OSM. I had hoped to go down to Cowley airfield to extend the council site designation scheme across a larger area but I've not had the time yet.

Location: Lye Valley, Oxford, Oxfordshire, South East, England, OX3 7EZ, United Kingdom

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