Tonights work on rail ref's

Posted by Govanus on 15 November 2013 in English (English)

this has crashed with a relation placeholder error when saveing and substatially regressed so wiill need to be redone - GW260 from NESA. It might look a bit complex but it is designed to still work when lines are cut up for features like bridges, level crossings and future midspan abandonments. the ref GW260 is a rail equivalent to nameing a road A34 so all the sub sections [of individual OSM ways] have a close relation to the ref (known as Routecode and LOR). I also put in a grouping level for named lines (traditionaly termed roads in the trade) along with there relations. this should still function when ways are split. I was going to add the speed limits but gave up today as they can sometimes very along a named line/road as well as chnage See NR info for latest speeds, till I think how best to mark them. OSM has what look like informal levelcrossings for footpaths along this stretch but NESA dosn't tell the train driver of them and you might be likely to by fined for tresspass!

Comment from Govanus on 15 November 2013 at 21:49

bugun to refix but isn't finished yet a shame so much lost.

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