New Parkway shopping centre

Posted by Govanus on 23 July 2013 in English (English)

I had a visit to Newbury last weekend to this new site. Previously someone asked that I do the mapping for this and so I put something quick in at the time but now I am having some problems deriving how to OSM encode the new buildings along with other sites I'm looking to match they have multiple uses configured in a 3 dimensional separation. I.e. all stacked on top of each other. These new buildings comprise of large open parking halls underground with shops on top and then on the top is a roof-top housing estate complete with footpaths small gardenscape features and several purpose-built houses of multiple occupation! Now this is a good use of limited land resource, how ready is OSM's editors and renderers to handled features like ways that stack with others like two ways that share all the same (2d) nodes but relate to very different spaces in reality and have there own possibly mismatching sets of attribute tags to render. OSM at a XML data level can easily handle this and give level type tags to help define the hight separations but the editors that novices and those without there own home programs can have a hard time with these, so could editors have a mechanism clear to users that will allow them to chose the right features when stacked. I already have trouble with id and potlatch when trying to disengage joint node use with out needing to regenerate a replacement node in the right place for the stable features to be rejoined to at an XML level it isn't necessary as a one ref leaves the edited way leaving everything else unchanged.

I Oxford I'd also like to stack the dwellings and other categories in housing blocks that can carry there own address information, for navigation programs to use. this is step between HMO's while buildings and not the same as wanting to define interior walls and and other layout features.

Renderer authors and maintainers need to have some thought to how they want stacked data to work in there algorithms to give they results they'd like.

The website at gives high quality layout information to work from. Though I don't think I can easily achieve a high accuracy transfers at this time but I can start to put some building details on the map from it to help in the meantime.

Location: Parkway Shopping Centre, Newbury, West Berkshire, South East, England, United Kingdom

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