Finding Missing Roads in the Philippines

Posted by GOwin on 5 November 2018 in English (English). Last updated on 11 November 2018.

… or maybe just Nemo then. ;)

Road data are essential for most maps, whether they’re used for tourism, navigation, or business - but especially critical in emergency response. Our project goal is to validate and map the road network that connect settlements and residential areas for the country, and make this open data available to all through OpenStreetMap.

Together with contributors from the local community, including the enthusiastic volunteers of the PUPSJ CWTS++ program, we’ve completed or made head-way in some regions in the recent past.

Utilzing the ImproveOSM tools, contributors were able to validate, identify, and map, the potential missing roads in the countyr some months back, with technical and logistical support from Kaart.

image The Philippines, compared to neighboring countries visualized from ImproveOSM’s iD editor.

We’ve recently updated our GIS analysis of available data, and refreshed our Philippine tasks :

We’re also introducing a new validation approach for spotting potential missing roads and make them easier for beginners and experienced mappers alike, regardless whether they’re using iD or JOSM. > image

With this, we hope to continue improving local open map data, working along-side contributors from various local communities.

image On average, Philippine road data increase is usually < 2%. Between July and October, we contributed to bumping this up by 3%

Start mapping the missing roads of your favorite neighborhood, or your home town - or surprise yourself by allowing the tasking manager to pick a task for you randomly. Head over to the HOT Tasking Manager, or use this short link to jump to our project:

P.S. Last screenie is from the awesome Map Metrics tool of the ImproveOSM project:

Location: Pinyahan, Diliman, 4th District, Quezon City, Eastern Manila District, Metro Manila, 1100, Philippines

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