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Verteilung jetzt about 3 years ago

The mapping companies get it wrong again... over 3 years ago

to keep laughing in year 2020

Introducing MapRoulette Quick Fixes over 3 years ago

新たに得られた経験から、これは非常に貴重です! as a non-technical, i finally was able to make sense of this post and deem it to be very valuable indeed. there is actually a very recent project that i am freely involved with that would greatly benefit from this

おそらくこれも? perhaps this one as well could make it less of a barrier to be participating, the instructions description would be trimmed, that, i am confident !

エディット: on second review, the under development setFields dependant Operation would need to be supported in a newer Maproulette version release for the user to confirm/amend a select number of ‘preset’ proposed Tag changes.

OSMF-Vorstand kodifiziert englischsprachige und anglo-amerikanische kulturelle Dominanz in der OSMF over 3 years ago

solange ich in der Nähe bin, erwarten Sie, dass ich Ihnen in Ihrer Muttersprache zurückschreibe. Ich verbreite die Neuigkeiten über DeepL, mein Freund. so ein wunderbares Programm, das Sie mit mir geteilt haben. for as long as i am around, expect me to write back in your native. i am spreading the news about DeepL my friend. such a marvelous tool you have shared with me.

nach Erhalt dieses Geschenks, hier ist mein Geschenk an Sie upon receiving that gift, here is my gift to you



Георгий Потапов: «Я — профессиональный потребитель данных OpenStreetMap» over 3 years ago
два интересных для меня интервью
two interview points that is interesting to me
  • — Почему вы решили поделиться с OSM спутниковыми снимками?

  • — Чтобы вы сказали другим предпринимателям и правообладателям в ответ на вопрос: «Почему и зачем нужно открывать свои данные для OSM?»?

если возможно приписать все до единого, этот человек сыграл свою роль.
if attribution to every single one is possible, this man has played a part.
отправьте мою любовь вашим семьям.
send my love your families.
What did it effort to motivate you to participate in OpenStreetMap over 3 years ago
The community.
A Better Calendar for OSM over 3 years ago
half, einige Ereignisse auf die OSMCAL-Vision zu übertragen
First Time over 3 years ago

imports and anything bot-like without the hands and eyes of Human has yet to come close to what you have envisioned. projection about a decade more before that happens. in the meanwhile, master your editing skills and continue improving. あなたならできる!

Hint: Pros use JOSM josm-tested.jar (version 15553) you may continue digging for other web based editors similar to the one you have used thus far.
Hp over 3 years ago

get out of Face bôk, Người Cũ

HELLO over 3 years ago


Kaart built a MapWithAI plugin for JOSM! over 3 years ago
ソフトウェアをダウンロードしてテストしました。思わず, よくやった
downloaded and tested the plugin. seemless integration, kudos Kaart
Divide and map. Now. over 3 years ago

メンターとエキスパートの役割に自分が合っていると思う コミュニティに貢献する準備ができている I find myself to fit in the role of Mentor and Expert (use of JOSM) as of this point, ready to contribute to the damn community when it’s damn time the damn developers got the damn servers going

Saving Time While Mapping - Part 2 over 3 years ago

これは最近いくつかのプロジェクトでとられた最初のステップのようです This seems to be the first step taken for some validating projects taken up recently as well.

よく読んで Good read

Ask for Voluntarily Contribution over 3 years ago

validated e-mail address and learning the task dashboard… had the intention to for some while 地球上で平和が持続するかもしれない

2019年振り返り over 3 years ago

私は認めます。マップにも強い依存症があります。助けて !

Facebook: Hands Off Our Map almost 4 years ago

i shall take this opportunity to voice and respond to this thread even if there are veteran mappers who would undervalue what i say as jibberish and incoherent.

as an eager new OSM member without the accolades and achievements of several mappers within this thread , no technical knowledge whatsoever! aside from mastering rapid mouse clicking… i set out to contribute to a space which aligns with my philosophy and ethical beliefs. in such a small timeframe (that had surprised site_admins) i gave energies and precious time into posting in the User Diaries space and map editing space using editor iD ( which probably would switch to JOSM soon ). anyhoo that resulted in conflict and ‘oversight’ UPDATE:matter has been swiftly and promptly resolved…

then started conducting proper search engine and relying on good search engine results brought me up to speed (WIP forever, i hope) with the mapping techniques, blogging conduct, and even politics –ugly! always!

what i gather from life thus far, if you are from a certain perspective, you will bring along with it what you see from that perspective, you are not evil Facebook. neither are people working for Facebook are having ill intent ever! You bring what you know, you apply what you know. Big Data sprawls its reach out with such force and speed that when it tramples and crushes the little folks, they go “oh, i squished ants…. ah well, Moving On”

it’s such a guarantee, with the resources from Big Data, oh my what fine maps there will be indeed ! though from the archives of the Internet their origins come from the “unexpected”, “devs” back then slowly pieced together their knowledge about UGC ( user generated content ) then p2p networks and then ????

whichever ways the election outcome were to unfurl, it has to be one that OSM heads (in which way is decides together) to that is true to how it was back when 2003?! not based on any documents, on the joy that it was formed, all about mapping all about #going outdoors ffs finding the time to be part of cartography that the maps themselves provide the sense of security and calm to travel to new lands ! reacting to disasters ( shoutout HOTOSM ), i am really thrilled to find active mappers community in India! ah well..

i am sure in the Future, (guys ever stop to wonder the Germans language CAPITALIZE the first letter future?? ) when data pods are implemented and squabbling devs had enough, they could just take their data as Easy and light hearted as they gave it, with love and outmost attention, i promise you nothing of this sort will ever happen. well, 83.56% sure about that!

alright to sum it up sorta: this is a promotion of Peace, danke

an individual who had clicked the delete Facebook account but will never know if their personal data is erased…

please do not spam here almost 4 years ago

more of the enforced policies: please do take the time off your precious schedules and READ

Permanent blocks

please do not spam here almost 4 years ago

yes that would mean that any changesets you have made with locally sourced inforamtion are to be disassociated with your account with the label ‘deleted’. they are within their rights to do so