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Who maps every day (without fail)? 2 months ago

How many of these are auto-bots?

Missing National Parks about 2 years ago

I believe the best way to detect future problems is to help prevent them occurring. When I imported Cotswolds AONB from Natural England I didn’t reattached to existing ways (especially roads). I believe boundaries rarely run down a road’s centreline, and the data bears that out. Some editors don’t clearly define ways with an attached relation but no tags & contributors occasionally, unwittingly, delete them; so I add note tags like this, to clarify: note=Part of Cotswolds AONB relation.

Note “ISO3166-1”=”GB” returns UK wide data, so includes Northern Island.

History of all Tags over 2 years ago

Hi Another request to update the database as I’ve found this to be a useful tool. Would it take much time to incorporate Taginfo’s data?

NaPTAN Aberdeen Import Summary over 3 years ago

Hi Your script/github link returns a 404.

Potlatch 2.5 almost 6 years ago

Correction: To delete /and/ select & deselect all ways.

Potlatch 2.5 almost 6 years ago

Sorry, but I’m still not convinced displaying relations by default is user friendly. To delete them a way has to be selected first.

Potlatch 2.5 almost 6 years ago

Hi joost could you expand on your points. I’m struggling ot notice a difference.

Richard. I’ve tried getting used to relation tags being displayed as the default, but I still find it inconvenient, especially when checking for MPs tagged the ‘old’ way, ironically.


Potlatch 2.5 almost 6 years ago

I understand how relations should be tagged. I’ve been doing it that way for years, which is why I’m surprised to hear the technique now described as ‘new’.

However, as with all relations, the tagging is usually an initial edit & only occasionally requires amending. I believe contributors will more likely want to check the polygon ways for (in)correct tags (valid tags can still be added to individual polygons), and to ensure the role is correct.

I look forward to the other improvements you mention.

Potlatch 2.5 almost 6 years ago

Hi Similar to @metatech I had problems with some shortcuts. For me ‘H’ history only worked on polygons, but it appears to have sorted itself. I’ll keep a check on it.

Simialr to @sulagaloh I’d prefer the way of a relation to be displayed as the default. I don’t think contributors need to amend relation tags that often. (A primary purpose of relations was to reduce tag editing)

I’m sorry to say I’m finding the Shift-drag to zoom irritating. Shift-selecting a way to insert a node in P2 is quite finickity. I find I often miss on the first click & it defaults to the window-zoom. How many use this new way to zoom? I’m finding Left-click-pan & mouse wheel zoom more convenient. Zoom window is a hangover from AutoCAD in the nineties. Could an option to turn if off be added?

Thanks for implementing the non loading of data, but I’d be happy for it to kick in at level 15 instead of 13, especially over urban, heavily tagged areas where I’m still receiving the “problem loading data” dialog & a long delaying while panning.

Cheers DaveF

blah over 6 years ago

Yeah, I was trying to get a locally stored image to display but obviously unsuccessfully.

Responding to suspicious changes over 6 years ago

Mapbox mappers complaining about “suspicious changes”?

Oh, the hypocrisy.

Mapbox needs to concentrate on improving their own editing before criticizing others. I’ve spent far to much of my OSM time contacting them about their dubious edits.

Nottinghamshire Civil Parishes - names for unnamed areas over 6 years ago

“Where is the source-code referred to, please?”

Why not join in on the community forum so you can ask for yourself & so find solutions to your queries on this collaborative project?

Nottinghamshire Civil Parishes - names for unnamed areas over 6 years ago

Please have a read of this:


“Is geospacial mathematics is resource intensive?”

“Not at all. Nominatim happily processes boundaries and always prefers it over any other hierarchy information.”

“As soon as there are boundaries, multiple candidates don’t happen anymore, so that is_in:* is ignored for all practical purposes.”

“Yes, if possible always draw boundaries. They are more precise and easier to maintain. is_in is unnecessary.”

Regarding “doing no harm” please read this post regarding your ref:hectare tag:

Nottinghamshire Civil Parishes - names for unnamed areas over 6 years ago


  1. Computers are very good at geospacial mathematics

  2. Where does it say Nominatum uses is_in rather than boundaries?

Similar to your assertion that boundaries shouldn’t be be attached to other entities because they might change, boundary lines often get amended. Using the hard coded is_in tags means the entity will become inaccurate.


Nottinghamshire Civil Parishes - names for unnamed areas over 6 years ago

Hi Alex

is_in:* is redundant when boundary=* is used. OSM is geospacial. Mathematics can be used to determine if one area is within another.

Dave F.

Potlatch 2: quickly move from task to task about 7 years ago

Ah, don’t worry, I forgot that Overpass, for some reason, converts OSM to Geojson differently depending on whether the Turbo site or osmtogeojson is used. I deleted the unnecessary nodes & it works fine.

Thanks for a great utility.

Potlatch 2: quickly move from task to task about 7 years ago

PS woops. How do I post prettified code here?

Potlatch 2: quickly move from task to task about 7 years ago

Hi Thanks for this. Looks like it could be useful, except:

of geojson file { "type": "Feature", "id": "node/-631", "properties": { "type": "node", "id": "-631", "tags": { "name": "Keynsham Masonic Hall", "addr:postcode": "BS31 1SR", "businesstype": "Other catering premises", "addrline1": "99 Bath Road", "addrline2": "Keynsham", "addrline3": "Bristol", "addrline4": "Bath And North East Somerset", "addr:housenumber": "99", "addr:street": "Bath Road", "fhrs:rating": "5", "fhrs:authority": "Bath and North East Somerset", "fhrs:id": "205662", "fhrs:inspectiondate": "2012-06-18" }, "relations": [], "meta": {} }, "geometry": { "type": "Point", "coordinates": [ -2.485158, 51.412579 ] } }, It jumps between locations, but doesn't display the name tag: ![Task dialog]( Any ideas?
English Stadiums over 11 years ago

It's a shame you've detailed what you think is there just to make it look pretty instead of what's actually there on the ground.