Traffic Islands

Most Highways and Major City Roads in Dasmarinas City have traffic islands installed, along with other safety features, to prevent fatal head-on collision which is a safety concern among the motorists and pedestrians. Hence, the updated split-segment route is now deployed, along with some safety mechanisms (like adding barriers with ‘traffic island’ in the middle of the split-segment routes) and other landmarks.

Washington Place

As a resident of Washington Place (Philippines), all street names and amenities are hereby mapped, through the receipt of the required maps from the developer. Most major roads (with bike routes) within Washington Place are mapped with the required reference number (from WP1 to WP5) for better accessibility to amenities.

Problems on Washington Place Homeowners’ Association

Due to problems in WPHOA (along with the arrogant and disrespectful residents and officials way back 2016-2017; including the flagrant violation of PWD rights and privileges under BP 344, RA 9442 and RA 10366, and the continued refusal to disclose the required documents by a certain village administration company), the duly-elected HOA officials (from the legitimate Washington Place residents and not the developer) are awaiting for the final resolution from the HLURB, and DEARPAUL have filed most of the traffic violations to the local Traffic Management Office and PWD Affairs Office. Sooner or later, Land Transportation Office will be the next for the report of most traffic violations.

Location: Dasmariñas, Cavite, Calabarzon, 4114, Philippines

Comment from TagaSanPedroAko on 19 February 2018 at 00:08

I thank you updates on various roads in Dasmariñas (Aguinaldo Highway/Route 419, Paliparan Road, Governors Drive/Route 65), where you added splits on segments of roads with center islands added by the LGU, but there is something wrong with your mapping that required to be fixed. You added splits on those roads, but in a braid-like style that can cause bad navigation directions. I have GOwin tagged your added road splits with notes for fixing. Thanks.

Comment from DP24PH on 30 March 2018 at 14:46

No problem, gentlemen. However, I do apologize for the mistake in split-segmentation, and joint updates have been executed to fix the problematic navigation. Moreover, thank you very much to Sir GOwin and Sir TagaSanPedroAko.

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