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April 29, 2017

Based in Dasmarinas City, DP24 (DP stands for Dear Paul) himself does the expedition and research-based mapping within the home region (CALABARZON), as well as the birthplace (NCR) and various places across the Republic of the Philippines. Mapping will involve the bus and highway routes, local updates, humanitarian-based infrastructures, and data clean-up (whether highway or data privacy-related). Currently, an aspiring Civil Engineer with special needs, and locally-certified Safety Officer on the approach to long-term commitment.

Latest News

DPBREAKING: FEAST sessions will return to service every weekends.

Upon the advice from our friends, with exceptions to the emergency or urgent editing/fixes, DP will be on some editing break at anytime to give way for the Master Plumber and Civil Engineering Board Examinations as needed, and job commitments.

In the meantime, you may go back to our previous #Mapping101 Thursdays episodes for the duration of the break via our DP24 FB Watch page. Tune in to the all-new season restart of #Mapping101 Thursdays Season 2 restart every Thursday this May 2024 on DP24 General TV YouTube channel. VOD may be available on DP24 Radio TV 1 Spotify Podcast channel.


As a Civil Engineering graduate on the current long-term commitment to service, most buildings (including floor levels), bridges, highways (including material/surface conditions), and tunnels that are supposed to be mapped are properly classified, identified, and validated #OnTheSpot. Also, formerly part of the City Scholarship Programme by the City Government of Dasmarinas and WeMap session LIVE, and currently a participant from the mappy (OpenStreetMap Philippines) community and producer, host for the following DP24 Integrated Media programming/stations online:

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  • [ON AIR] Mapping101 Thursdays LIVE
  • [ON SEASON BREAK] Easy Filipino
  • [ON AIR] Wednesday Bible Study Block LIVE
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  • City Scholar, City Government of Dasmarinas (2018-2020)
  • Advocate/Apprentice, Member, A+Quest, EVEolution (hiatus)
  • Advocate, Member, Autism Society Philippines (active)
  • Member, Mental Health aWHEREness Philippines (active)
  • Associate Member, OpenStreetMap Foundation (active)
  • Member, Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers - Student Chapter (2019-2020, 2021-2022)
  • Member, Society of Engineering and Architecture Students (2013-2015)

Engineering Life

  • FAL Conducive Engineering Review Center (2020-Present)

Media Life

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the specialisations on your OSM contributions?

  • Route relations (involving ferries, buses, roadways/highways, bicycles)
  • Landuse areas (including conversion to multipolygon relations)
  • Buildings (residential, commercial, industrial)
  • Presence of accessibility features (elevators, tactile paving, wheelchair access)
  • Lane management, speed limits (compatible with OsmAnd)

What are the software used by DP24 to contribute to the OSM?
DP24 uses JOSM, OsmAnd, iD, StreetComplete for OSM editing through DP24 Media-operated laptop and smartphone.

Why do I use British spellings and terminologies on some changeset comments? Am I trying hard?
As you have noticed, I do self-learning on most British spellings and terminologies while on contribution as a way of training (just in case of going thru vacation once again). Although not trying hard to do those things, I would rather go thru long-term learning experiences. As of January 2021, DP24 has to revert to Philippine-based terminologies to suit the local preferences upon DM-based feedback.

Any concerns with correction/modification of certain edits?
As a Civil Engineering graduate, I’m here to help and support you. More often than not, I give you the opportunity to fix your edits and make meaningful changesets attached to it. But in certain cases, I have to clean up/modify those edits #OnTheSpot. In such case, don’t hesitate to DM @DP24PH for #FixYourMap request(s) or comment(s). Please bear with us since it may took time to respond due to busy work.

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