SOTM LATAM 2024 Programming Committee

Posted by Cyberjuan on 9 April 2024 in English. Last updated on 10 April 2024.

 As we announced in a previous post, we continue to inform the OpenStreetMap LATAM community about the SOTM LATAM 2024 committees, and now we present the Programming Committee.

The main functions of this committee are:

  • Propose the activity program during the days of the SOTM
  • Design protocol activities
  • Design the event Tracks
  • Design parallel activities
  • Design recreation activities
  • Coordinate with the speakers what is necessary for their participations
  • Evaluate the carrying out of recognition of mappers in the region

The committee members are:

Member Representation Position Role
Anderson Toniazo OSM Brasil Member Organizing Committee
Virginia Brussa OSM Argentina Member  
Olga Paredes OSM Bolivia Member  
Yasmila Herrera Yeka Street Member  
Sebastián Bravo Youthmappers SAGEMA Member  
Mariela Centeno Youthmappers ESPE Member  
Juan A. Barajas Youthmappers LATAM Member Organizing Committee

This committee should have its first meeting in the coming days to elect its president and begin carrying out its duties.

Location: El Porvenir, La Oroya, Province of Yauli, Junín, Peru


Comment from ابوبندر العصم on 14 April 2024 at 21:09

Hello. Why is there no Arabic language on the OSM map?

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