SOTM LATAM 2024 Academic Program Committee

Posted by Cyberjuan on 9 April 2024 in English. Last updated on 10 April 2024.

 As we announced in the previous post, we continue to inform the OpenStreetMap LATAM community about the SOTM LATAM 2024 committees, and now we present the Academic Program Committee.

The main functions of this committee are:

  • Evaluate the presentation proposals received
  • Evaluate scholarship applications received
  • Management of travel and accommodation scholarships

As additional information for those interested in presenting a talk or presentation, the topics may be (but are not limited to):

  • Mapping projects developed or under development in the region.
  • Projects to improve the labeling system in the region.
  • Projects to improve the use of notes in the region.
  • Extrinsic or intrinsic quality assessment of OpenStreetMap data
  • Analysis of contribution patterns in OpenStreetMap
  • Generation of new and scientifically valuable datasets from OpenStreetMap
  • Assessments of data import procedures and their impacts on data and community
  • Integration between OpenStreetMap and other data sources (authoritative, user-generated, or otherwise valuable to OpenStreetMap)
  • Analysis/comparison of available software for scientific purposes related to OpenStreetMap
  • Novel approaches to facilitate or improve data collection and/or data quality in OpenStreetMap (e.g. through gamification or citizen science approaches)
  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning from, and with OpenStreetMap (e.g. AI-assisted mapping)
  • Open research problems in OpenStreetMap and challenges for the scientific community
  • Cultural, political, and organizational aspects of data production and usage practices in OpenStreetMap
  • Studies using OpenStreetMap data in scientific domains
  • Reviews of any scientific aspect connected to OpenStreetMap

The committee members are:

Member Representation Position Role
Rodrigo Smarzaro UMBRAOSM Member Organizing committee
Matheus Correia COIMBRA Univ. Member  
Nathan Damas Youthmappers UFPR Member  
KauĂȘ de Moraes V. Youthmappers UFPR Member  
Maya Lovo Youthmappers Member  
Carolina Garcia Youthmappers ESPE Member  
Patricia Llanos SBCS Member  
Sandra Hernandez Youthmappers Uaemex Member  

This committee should have its first meeting in the coming days to elect its president and begin carrying out its duties.

Location: Huanchaquito, Huanchaco, Province of Trujillo, La Libertad, 13000, Peru


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