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Whats in the pipeline for the next Vespucci release? 23 days ago

Awwww yis.

Non-searchable = Non-existent about 2 months ago would have been a simple, effective solution for this; but basically stalled entirely.

Wanted: Simple amenity describer and foursquare style Q&A process 5 months ago

Kort I hadn't seen; it would be tempting to fork that an expand the story as to why you do the missions. It's map-first like is; but does reasonably well based on your current location to ask questions. I agree - it'd be good to add more interesting questions; I don't really feel thrilled to be classifying track types. I might have a look at what's possible there.

Re why you do the missions; you could imagine something like "Spooks" from Charles Stross' Halting State working as an augmented reality game - a bit of work doing a backstory that you are an industrial spy/secret shopper "gathering intel" on businesses or similar; and missions to document 3 business of the same type with X attributes. Obviously don't want to get people arrested for sneaking around; but with the right balance... Google's now spun off game I never quite bought into, though I know many who have (and there's a high overlap with geocaching in my circle of friends who played that).

That said, I think it'd be trickier than the opengeoquestions approach combined with knowing how to target people based on checkin/location history.

Wanted: Simple amenity describer and foursquare style Q&A process 5 months ago

I hadn't seen that I don't think, but in the exact right direction! Wonder if the source is avail; demo isn't too working for me right now.

Construction sites on highways 5 months ago

For roadworks, I think there are better feeds and standards to use to consume data. IE: is a similar kind of discussion being had in Australia, and there's some efforts in that look really quite useful.

Building an aggregator that consumes all of the various council feeds in that format and turns them into spatial data would be a handy tool to have; but wouldn't fit well with OSM due to how often it changes.

Houses 5 months ago

It's worth politely writing to them and asking if they'd openly license the data - I worked with the City of Geelong to great benefit :)

[LearnOSM] Report may 2015 9 months ago

Pull requests welcome, Simon.

Addresses in Oklahoma 9 months ago

Should list some of them in - for example

Melbourne tram stop project - first post 9 months ago

Also has recently been released as open data - to do an import is relatively straight forward; the biggest blocker would be getting written approval above and beyond CC 3.0 licencing. also touches on tram datasets

Top OSM Rank: Who are these crazy, amazing people? 10 months ago

Ooh, I made the list!

However I am doing things like

#MapLesotho - Heading towards a full basemap about 1 year ago

It's pretty incredible, especially when you think that you are somewhat 'competing' for attention against large disasters like Ebola.

Is there more than can be done to reach end users of the data/get more feedback?

Secondly, would things like Mapillary be useful for planners? I understand there's only 20% smartphone penetration, roughly, but it'd be interesting to see what a few taxi drivers, smartphone mount and mapillary could do; coupled with just enough broadband set up. It could potentially take a lot of the building tagging in metro areas from "building=yes" to more relevant data.

First edits to Openstreetmap over 1 year ago

You might be interested in - it may be that it is already known

If you need something to do... over 1 year ago


OpenStreetMap Sister Towns over 1 year ago

I've been helping out a few other cities via mapcraft (; just wish it were easier to draw people's attention there.

New MapRoulette feature: Select your local area! over 1 year ago

Where's the submit button! re new challenges :(

What to do this weekend? over 1 year ago

I like best the fact you can get an RSS feed to catch new errors after you've fixed an area.

My one problem with OpenStreetMap over 1 year ago

Go you one better: people talk about geogit, and I think osm should embrace the concept. distributed data sets basically equate to layers. Svg rendering means lighterweight maps.

Mix the two concepts, you appease both camps: routing can be owned by multiple providers, whomever you choose. Specialized maps? Just add layers and styling. You can offer tools to easily render/integrate external capabilities on the core site, and let commercial interests promote as needed.

Right now the best we have is mapbox with 'improve this' links; but what could we do with a dedicated effort and open standards for layering/widgets provided?

Mike Duffy has sadly passed away, almost 2 years ago

Sorry for your loss.

You might be interested to know more about Mike's contributions.

You can see how his focused on places he knew and expanded over the years.

A lot of his recent edits are focused on buildings, there's a good chance he was contributing to something like

Indirectly, a lot of people will benefit from the time and effort he invested - be it people using car navigation systems, hikers, cyclists, planners, or many, many more.

Report a problem about 2 years ago

The 'add a note' control could really use a tooltip or similar that says "Add a note... about a problem"

Making the core open street map site + data more useful with structured data about 2 years ago

Yeah, Place ftw. - turns out to be fairly straight forward to do very simple mappings.

The logic required is most likely going to be for things like - Where there is a wikipedia key, translate to full URI - Opening hours, if valid, should translate differently - Where there are multiple valid mappings (building=foo, amenity=bar, parking=yes) returning an array of valid properties.