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Priorities 3 months ago

I have found that I can get the most 'bang for buck' when I map along the lines of my hobbies, and how that can help others with similar hobbies.

For example, I enjoy riding - I'm fairly confident through strava heat maps and road imports that my entire state is 'complete enough'. I've ended up mapping in other countries based on improve-osm and strava to identify places other cycles do go, but aren't routeable; or people drive, but aren't currently routable.

Releasing Turn Restriction Detections 4 months ago

How easy would it be to fork and add these + the mapillary street signs as a layer in that version of ID? That could help these go from "probable" to "almost certain" where there's multiple hints from GPS data and imagery


A good way to help may well be via - there's a lot of GPS data available indicating some of the more heavily used roads.

Sync your overpass queries with your osm account 11 months ago

Just to be a pain, what are the chance of 'publish as gist' or 'publish to github' ; similar to what offers?

That swaps from "one person who edits, maintains the query" to "anyone can copy and improve on with minimal clicks".

Sync your overpass queries with your osm account 11 months ago

\o/ Hurray!

Missing Roads in Jambi Indonesia. about 1 year ago

There's a lot of cloud cover in imagery often, which makes life a bit hard!

One easy way to improve this is to use something like Mapillary or OpenStreetCam as you navigate the area - not perfect, but it does give people something to map :)

Bot idea: Fixing invalid capitalization of primary tags about 1 year ago

Would also be worth adding such a feature to ID to warn, similar to untagged ways - the less opportunity to accidentally key in invalid data, the less has to be cleaned up by tools later.

+1 in general to the idea; but I'd be interested to know what exceptions/edge cases exist in the data.

Overpass queries I should turn into maproulette challenges about 1 year ago

Lesiure pitch without sport:

The highway without surface is a bit more complex, as there's a lot of values and the defaults by country/area ( is probably the better spot for the deprecated stuff (and it would be also good to have a 'one click osmose to maproulette challenge' tool). now supports internationalization, geolocation in browser about 1 year ago

I could try to propose the other changes from my fork (the version at

+1 to that, yes please!

Help wanted: Naming roads in South Australia over 1 year ago

The last generated file is a year old, but there's still a fair bit in there.

There's still plenty left (11 Jan 2016: 648); but it can be a bit tricky without someone regenerating the file frequently.

Worth having a look!

Improving the map of Andahuaylas over 1 year ago

With some of the Parks, you might want to tag the smaller areas a landuse=grass/garden/etc or similar, and make the overall relation have one tag for leisure=park.

That aside, keep it up :) Traced a few larger buildings from satellite imagery

App wanted: Collect opening hours by place automatically, and easier user notes over 1 year ago

So, for example combined with other business schema would work well. is a probably quite stale PR that would have enabled this for "I look up a business via a popular search engine and OSM provided data improves the results".

For the 'smart questions' apps; there have been a few that made some progress (but then stalled). I think was one of the more sophisticated - I'm happy that things like MapSwype also got off the ground since I last looked.

New data sources available for Western Australian roads over 1 year ago

Oh, otherone to look at: or strava heatmaps to find roads that are missing is useful

New data sources available for Western Australian roads over 1 year ago might be helpful; in particular

Clean up the "fixme's" around you! over 1 year ago

Pretty snazzy

App wanted: Collect opening hours by place automatically, and easier user notes over 1 year ago

Active mapping is fine, but passive mapping is better quality and a lot easier for inexperienced contributors. For example, look at mapillary - turn on your phone and walk, and you capture a lot of data that is much more useful for experienced mappers to draw on. We get street signs from image recognition.

Another good example of passive mapping - strava users don't know a thing about how to upload a GPX track or OSM tagging schema in general, but generate great quality heatmaps that can be turned into mappable features.

You can do the same with opening hours based on user location. You can gather data by hooking into people sharing their location with friends, and opting to make that available to OSM for mapping purposes.

Is it going to be 100% accurate? Probably not - but we already see commercial vendors (foursquare, google, etc) taking user locations for these purposes - there is value there.

Would I prefer open tools that let me do the same as them, but with more control of the data I share? Absolutely.

Over 2000 Schools mapped over 1 year ago

Its worth it - great tool

WHAT IF? over 1 year ago helps a lot to find mistakes, intentional or not. Changeset discussions also tend to bring many eyeballs to a particular area. covers this area in more detail

FacilMap 2 has been released over 1 year ago

The directions icon isn't super obvious - could use a title attribute :)

Tools I wish I had: smarter paved vs unpaved road defaults. over 1 year ago

@Warin61, yes but right now the majority of roads default to paved when they are not, unless a mapper takes extra steps in certain areas.

If a routing engine sends you on unpaved, non compacted roads because it assumed they were sealed... that can be particularly unsettling with some modes of transport.

Of course local knowledge works best... but right now the implied default is often the wrong thing; so an easy way to make things explicit would be more useful than not.