Posted by Horza on 12 February 2018 in English (English)

I've been outlining places that haven't been outlined before and tidying up work done by others where lines aren't straight or buildings aren't squared off where they should be. There's effectively an endless supply of both types of work.

What's it best to focus on? Do people have preferences? That said, doing more of both has definitely helped with my workflow and knowledge/aptitude with the tools available.

Also, is there a place for open questions like this? I have so many questions about best practice that the wiki doesn't answer or has ambiguous answers too.

Comment from GOwin on 13 February 2018 at 05:55

People will always have preferences, so find something you actually enjoy doing. That way, it allows you to go on mapping, simply because you enjoy doing it.

I, for example, enjoy mapping waterways, and it gets me into a trance-like mode akin to some forms of meditation (which i also do.)

If you have questions, the best way to find answers are the forums, the mailing lists, or one of the many local community channels in your preferred language.

Good luck!

Comment from Horza on 13 February 2018 at 11:04


That's reasonable. So far worst bit I did was something in my home village where my parents live. There's a relatively new estate that wasn't on the bing images and the data set it was on (Esri) only had blurry images from an angle. Doing roads is fine, but outlining buildings was super hard. I'll try to avoid doing that unless I have to.

Though really, best thing I've found is just switching things around a bit sometimes, so I'll keep doing that :)

Comment from SomeoneElse on 13 February 2018 at 11:51

Also, is there a place for open questions like this?

The help site is great for specific "how do I do X" questions, but for more open questions I'd just suggest a diary entry :)

Comment from Horza on 13 February 2018 at 12:00

Thanks for the link!

My questions range from things like, "how do I decide the relative importance of roads?" to "should I map driveways when they're shared by several different houses?" and some other things I can't quite remember at the moment. I'll keep that in mind :)

Comment from Horza on 14 February 2018 at 14:06

Thanks :)

Don't let my apparent seniority intimidate you, I may have made this account back in 2008, but I've only been actively mapping since the beginning of December last year

Comment from CloCkWeRX on 15 February 2018 at 13:35

I have found that I can get the most 'bang for buck' when I map along the lines of my hobbies, and how that can help others with similar hobbies.

For example, I enjoy riding - I'm fairly confident through strava heat maps and road imports that my entire state is 'complete enough'. I've ended up mapping in other countries based on improve-osm and strava to identify places other cycles do go, but aren't routeable; or people drive, but aren't currently routable.

Comment from Horza on 15 February 2018 at 16:21

That makes sense. Do what you know. Thanks.

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