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Making the core open street map site + data more useful with structured data

Posted by CloCkWeRX on 21 December 2013 in English (English)

I decided to search for my local pizza place on google. I got a fairly good hit via their google+ listing, but their actual website was missing.

The node that I'd tagged myself is fairly well described, and I ended up updating both Google mapmaker and OSM.

It occurs to me that even if we're not trying to compete with google in the local business listings, it would be interesting if we could build on it. If I've mapped an area, I want others to benefit from the data I've created.

Take for example, amenity=restaurant.

We know about 350,000+ of them:

325 659 have names. 150 598 have cusines. 44 900 have websites. 36 416 have phones.

Imagine if we were to change

to render

... when we had enough authoritive data.

Google Rich Snippets ( are just one of the benefits -, with RDFa would enable OSM to very quickly join the linkeddata ( web, and possibly provide a real world application or two in doing so (as compared to which is great, but I've never used as an end consumer for example).

Adding in missing roads from South Australian open data

Posted by CloCkWeRX on 7 October 2013 in English (English) is CC-BY-A and explicitly OK'd to go into OSM; and more importantly contains every road in SA as of about March 2013.

I'd import it if I could be bothered fighting the technical challenges. The main problem is not the pain of converting the shapefile to something OSM understands, but avoiding duplication given the granularity of modelling in both datasets.

Instead, I'm spending a little time using OSM Inspector to find clusters of unnamed roads and fixing them by hand.

I'm doing this by:

  • Using QGIS (sudo apt-get install qgis)
  • Loading the shapefiles provided
  • Changing the rendering to show the road name as a label
  • Manually inspecting the shapefile to discover street name + type (it also contains surface, width, etc info)
  • Correcting OSM

It'd be nice to evolve this from manual processes into a few automated sanity checks (find a list of all unnamed ways, find the corresponding candidates from the shape file, present to a user), and in the other direction provide the dataset providers a GeoRSS feed of new changes - particularly if people map into new areas; where for example OpenStreetMap currently has the most detailed maps of the St Clair Redevelopment.

If you want to lend a hand, or shepard the import of suburb boundaries through the import process, please reach out :)

A few new fixes for MapCraft

Posted by CloCkWeRX on 18 August 2013 in English (English)

I'm still really keen on MapCraft, especially since my original pull request got merged, and added some of the 'sort by updated time' behaviour.

This weekend, I've

There's a fair few open feature requests there, but most are quite old. I'd be quite interested to know what people want to see - I've been fixing my own issues first and foremost.

Adelaide and South Australia

Posted by CloCkWeRX on 29 June 2013 in English (English)

A quick update on the coverage of Adelaide/SA areas, touching on residential buildings, McClaren Vale vineyards and a few others

A quick mash up I did of GeoRSS, Fire data, and Open Street Map's overpass API

Posted by CloCkWeRX on 13 May 2013 in English (English)

Blogged about @

Relatively low effort to pull together - 10 hours perhaps? from start to finish, split over two sessions.

Demonstrates * SimpleXML/PHP to consume the overpass API and results * Simple Leaflet usage * Rendering of polygons from OSM data.

Buildings in Port Adelaide...

Posted by CloCkWeRX on 21 April 2013 in English (English)

... are just about done.

I've covered Port Adelaide itself, Rosewater, Alberton, Pennington and Cheltenham. Osborne, Wingfield, Athol Park and Woodville / Woodville North are partially completed; plus to break up the boredem, much of McClaren Vale's vineyards are identified too.

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