I’m chugging away slowly at SA Road Naming - we’ve refined the processes quite a lot, and gotten into a nice working pattern.

The benefits of this data being in OSM are heavily focused on navigation and routing.

The tasks are typically one of three things:

  • Find roads without a name in the JOSM file, download just that area, name it and commit it
  • Find a missing road - copy and paste it in.
  • Check Keepright or an OSM mirror for Almost Junctions, and fix up any that were created from the last task once a week or so.

The result is about 100 or so roads get added or named every 1-2 days - you can get a sense of the progress so far:

  • 22 Mar : 5112
  • 23 Mar : 4745
  • 25 Mar : 4267
  • 27 Mar : 3998
  • 28 Mar : 3866
  • 30 Mar : 3700
  • 31 Mar : 3660
  • 3 Apr : 3547
  • 4 Apr : 3411
  • 6 Apr : 3318
  • 8 Apr : 3301

This kind of job is really well suited to a Map Roulette job, but to do that means I have to stop working on actually adding in any content - so I could use your help; so that I don’t sped the next 33 days going slightly batty.


  1. Grab the current file and whack 10 or so road names. If 10 people fixed 10 names each day for 10 days(!) we’d be pretty close to finished.
  2. See if you can set up a Map Roulette project - my (stalled) progress to date can be found at - contributions heartily welcomed.

Comment from Qwertii on 17 February 2017 at 03:31

What is the progress on this? Is there anything left to do?

Comment from CloCkWeRX on 17 February 2017 at 03:41

The last generated file is a year old, but there’s still a fair bit in there.

There’s still plenty left (11 Jan 2016: 648); but it can be a bit tricky without someone regenerating the file frequently.

Worth having a look!

Comment from WebSouth on 4 February 2018 at 16:46

G’day Mate, Sounds like you have been super busy. Relating to South Australian data, I think a few of us would be happy to help, probably not up to any kind of speed, as we would most likely only be able to help with roads in the Mid North of SA where we live. Some of us are keen map users, have all the historical section maps and the like (mid 70’s) and we know area reasonably well (in last few years have been developing Lavender Federation Walking Trail through our area. (Murray Bridge to Clare) We are Eudunda based. Not sure how we can help, but just putting out the offer for you. So far I have just entered a few changes to road names added unmarked ones and some building markers. I id find one ‘gottcha’ I added Oval Crescent Eudunda where it has always been - only to see later on that that road name has been added to the un-named road around the oval; which actually is well suited (it was part of that original road). I am gonig to discuss with our local community management group (which I am on) - we might put in a request to get the original one (that I just put on) renamed (its now part of the Eudunda Caravan Park, but is also oval access and more). Keep up the good work! Cheers Peter Herriman (Web South) PS - first time leaving message to anyone.

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