Brazilian GPS Loan Program - First approved candidates

Posted by Claudomiro on 30 April 2010 in English (English)

It is our pleasure to announce the first OSM voluntaries to receive the GPSes acquired with the OSM Foundation Scolarship Program funds:

* Braulio Bezerra
* Rodrigo Avila

Both had been very active editing the map of Brazilian Noth and South states respectively and I think they will put the supplied units to very good use.

By our estimates, the allocated funds will be sufficient to acquire and ship about 10 more "datalogger" units to brazilian volunteers and this, could have a very positive impact on the country┬┤s project progress.

This is indeed a great conclusion to the 2009 Scolarship Program. My guess is that our (Arlindo and mine) experience had been a source of inspiration to many fellow contributors in Brazil and I hope that the just announced 2010 edition of the program could have at least one participant from our big country.

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