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Ashgabat's Boroughs Reduced to Four, New Boundaries Need to be Drawn 4 months ago

Is the above map scan the only source you have for the boundaries? Or are you consolidating previous boundary data that were already present in OSM data? I assume there's not really an "Open Data" approach anywhere within the Ashgabat administration...

The New Digital Globe Premium Imagery...WOW! 5 months ago

How is the alignment in urban and rural areas of Turkmenistan in you experience? I found it to be generally much more consistent and less skewed than a lot of previously available imagery.

Metro Mapping Proposal (and what's wrong with proposals) 6 months ago

I am also both an active Maps.ME user (so slightly biased to get this data consumption pipeline from OSM data to app working) and a long time public transport (PT) mapper as well. I found your proposal and the validator tool highly useful to push PT mapping in OSM forward. I used your approach to map multiple subway systems mainly across Asia and it helped a lot to identify and solve problems. Many of the tagging and mapping I found in place was quite outdated and often even inconsistent within the same city.

The one thing I didn't understand the whole past 1st and 2nd proposal attempts was why it's not possible to allow both areas and nodes for stations. This freedom - to start with a basic node, but replace it with more detailed mapping if there's a way to obtain more detailed dimensions - has always been one of the pillars of scalability for Openstreetmap.

I'm glad to hear you will split the proposal part of your scheme from the instruction page and look forward to a great new go to resource being established for PT mapping in OSM.

Tram lines in Riga (Latvia) 9 months ago

Hi Yevgeshik, Please ignore what is shown on the visualized map. As "SomeoneElse" above already explained there is a bug in the map renderer. The data for the tramlines is still correct in the OpenStreetMap database which you can easily verify via the Overpass link that Polyglot sent. You need to click "Run" on the top left of the page to execute the API query. Then you will see the correct data overlaid on the incorrect map rendering.

No need to put rumors and accusations in the world when there is nothing to base them upon apart from a buggy map visualization. Keep in mind that OpenStreetMap is about collecting the geographical data and not about rendering one map.

Routing — `exit_to=` to `destination=` rewriting about 1 year ago

Btw. Up until checking actual usage I was under the impression that exit_to was more popular than destination. Good to see that destination already has a healthy 5x advantage and growing:

Routing — `exit_to=` to `destination=` rewriting about 1 year ago

Thanks for the great summary and sharing the tool. Do you know of any other QA tool to verify destination tagging apart from Check Autorität?

When you 'discover' a city that is not on OSM over 1 year ago

And even where we have a place-tag don't forget that we have still tons of unmapped places:

iD with modules 🔜 over 1 year ago

Great to see these efforts now landing in 2.0. Looking forward to all the enhancements building on top of it that will arrive over the next months. Thanks for all your work "team modular"

My Candidacy for HOT Board of Directors about 3 years ago

Thanks for running for this position and the detailed application. You got my support.

Regarding your 2nd point in your HOT vision: Do you see HOT moving beyond the current scope of mapping more in developing countries also to drive a more proactive mapping of emergency infrastructure (a currently underrepresented field IMHO).

maxspeed over 7 years ago

Wenn ich dich richtig verstehe meinst du mit "Ich habe mir mal erlaubt das tagging von maxspeed in Deutschland etwas anzugleichen.", dass du versucht hast die deutschsprachige Dokumentation im Wiki konsistenter zu gestalten. Oder hast du auch schon in den Daten "aufzuräumen"?

Bordighera and Ospedaletti over 7 years ago

Ciao Lucio,
Great contributions, congratulation.
Two hints for posting in your user diary here:
- If you write in English set the language to English as well (for this post it's still set to Italiano)
- Add a map link to the area where you uploaded your changes so readers can see updated map near Bordighera with one click.

Mobile Libraries almost 8 years ago

Additionally I would suggest not using the computer languge boolean terminology "true/false" but rather "yes/no"

Local Bus routes for Huntsville, Alabama almost 8 years ago

The colour-tag only works if it's written that way. Most of tag names in OSM are taken from british english.

The boundingboxes of all my openstreetmap edits in the Philippines almost 8 years ago

How did you create this visualization? I would be interested in such a script as well.

Mapping after Hyderabad LUG meet about 8 years ago

Adding to Zartbitter's comment: highway=track is for ways that are large enough that a 4-wheel vehicle can drive there. If it's wide enough rather use highway=footway (prepared surface) or highway=path + foot=yes (park way was "tracked" by people walking there and not by officials).

When you are using Potlatch editor you can check if a way is connected at a node if the node shows a black outline.

Is it the 30% for the website that needs to be localised ? about 8 years ago

A large portion of the website strings at translatewiki are
1) feature names ("beach resort", "leisure track", "mooring", etc.)
2) administrator strings ("block user", "set block period") that are not visible to the ordinary user
while large portions of the Potlatch strings are used in the editor. So I think it's way more important to translate Potlatch. One can think about reducing the percentage of strings needed for submitting the website translation to trunk. Currently it's 30% for Potlatch & Website, but this goal os much harder to reach for the website.

First Map at Könönpelto, Varkaus, Finland about 8 years ago

You did a very good job for a "newbie". Keep up your great work. If you have any questions regarding tagging or OSM in general: Shoot!

Blackbutt & Benarkin Queensland mapped - hurrah! about 8 years ago

You might want to use to keep track of roads that you could not finish on the first run. The page allows both to take a note for yourself as well as fellow mappers.

Je découvre Open Street Map/New to Open Street Map over 8 years ago

Could you please add a link to your village?

Bagersee, Ludwigsfeld almost 10 years ago

Ah... endlich wird meine Heimat erfasst :) Gar keine Pause machen und gleich auch den Silberwald und die Feldwege bis Gerlenhofen aufnehmen :P
Wäre toll, wenn du beim nächsten Mal gleich noch nen Link nach Ludwigsfeld zu deinem Tagebucheintrag dazupackst.