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Cleanup of incorrectly used noexit=* Tags on #OpenStreetMap with #Osmose

Posted by AndiG88 on 24 May 2015 in English (English).

After reading a diary entry about noexit=* Tags a few days ago I check out my area and…

Alt text

I started to clean up my area using Osmose (which recently became available in Germany and really is an awesome QA tool!) and it’s slowly getting better - have to wait for Osmose to update what I already fixed.

Many people seem to put it on ways, which is bad for routing as I found out when fixing some stuff for Many tags also just seem to be very old and somehow just ended up in the wrong places by splitting streets and others are there even thought there is a foot way at the end of the road.

Use the noexit=yes tag only on the very last node Node at the end of a highway=* or on the last way Way to indicate when doubtful that the impossibility to travel further by any transport mode is perfectly normal, due to otherwise existing road layout. *

Fix the issues in your areas with Osmose!

It's elegant they said. It will be eaiser to change street names they said.

Posted by AndiG88 on 24 January 2015 in English (English). Last updated on 25 January 2015.

AssociatedStreet Relation…

AssociatedStreet Relation Tagging fail

OpenStreetMap of Brussels in German TV series Alarm für Cobra 11 – Die Autobahnpolizei

Posted by AndiG88 on 3 December 2014 in English (English). Last updated on 4 December 2014.

Stumbled over this in the current Episode…

Screenshot Cobra11 RTL NOW

Staffel 25: Auf eigene Gefahr (Source)

Wikipedia: Alarm für Cobra 11 – Die Autobahnpolizei

Location: Quartier du Centre - Centrumwijk, Brussels, City of Brussels, Brussels-Capital, Belgium

Fixing common & possible Tagging Mistakes

Posted by AndiG88 on 3 August 2014 in English (English).

I have been trying to document all the common tags for keys like amenity, shop, craft etc. in the Wiki using TagInfo. In the process I found several low usage tags that might have other matching well established tags. I put a small section with a Taginfo box and Overpass API link on those pages allowing mappers to find these tags in their area to fix them with local knowledge as some Tags might indeed be valid. Now I also added a category to them to make it easier to find all such tags in one’s area!

Example how it looks on the page: Alt text

Would be great if everybody could take a look in his/her region and maybe clean up some outdated tags!

Native English speakers: Please take action when a Tag name is wrong!

Posted by AndiG88 on 16 July 2014 in English (English).

A comment on the disussion page is often not enough.

After spending a lot of time in the Wiki recently it was really surprising to see how many errors there are when it comes to spelling and to using British English even on well established tags. And some of then are just REALLY obvious like vending=news_papers, which comes from this proposal 8 years ago and just one person pointed it out.

The reason I post this is because I just saw the other diary entry about sport=beachvolleyball…Those errors are more common than people think and become more difficult to fix for every day that goes by.

British English

Even more important if you notice that AE was used, because a lot less people will realize that. For example shop=jewelry is AE and while pointed out on the page itself as well as the talk page nothing happened. What makes it even better is that craft=jeweller is mentioned twice on the same page.

See Also

In some way this is also a follow up to my last diary entry: Please create Wiki entries for Tags!, because for example as pointed out translation errors can become a lot more obvious if you put a image next to them or just looking for an image you might notice the spelling is wrong.

PS: Obviously everybody should act when realizing a tag is wrong, but many errors will probably not be noticed on the spot by non-native speakers, especially AE vs. BE.

Please create Wiki entries for Tags!

Posted by AndiG88 on 11 July 2014 in English (English).

I have been spending some time in the Wiki recently cleaning up a lot of tags, mostly emergency= and vending=. The one thing I noticed over and over again was that the lack of a initial tag page often causes problems that could have been easily avoided (Translation errors, different understandings how to use a tag or even definitions on different wiki pages). It also allows you to link to similar tags (or be liked to), proposals, wikiepdia pages etc. which helps a lot.

Creating a new page

There are a lot of different ways, the easiest is probably that you just klick on a tag red link. Another option is to open a similar tag and just change the URL or just replace it here and hit enter.

Always use the Template

99.99% of the time you need the first one. Just copy the whole first column from the grey table into the empty wiki page you created. Now you should at least always add key= & value= One of the main benefits of the template is that it includes the language bar. It’s also from where taginfo gets its description.

DO NOT DELETE ANY LINES YOU LEFT EMPTY! It does not have any negative impact. There is nothing more annoying than wanting to improve a page later and you have to go to the template and find the parameter.


Add images, especially in the template. Especially with all the translation errors this can go a long way.

Upload file:

But you can also link to any file from wiki commons ( Best way to find images is with google:

Found nothing? You can always look on Flicker or other websites for images licensed under CC. There is also a Uploader for Wiki Commons which checks the license and creates the attribution for you.

Weekly OpenStreetMap Task

Posted by AndiG88 on 2 July 2014 in English (English).

The German OSM Blog just kicked off its 2nd weekly task (Wochenaufgabe). The goal is to encourage mappers to tag a certain POIs during that period.

The first task was to tag bicycle tube vending machines. Over the next two weeks (community wanted a bit more time) we want to improve the coverage of electric charging stations.

In created a Wiki page to keep track of the tasks and make it easier for non-German mappers to take part:

WikiProject Emergency Cleanup

Posted by AndiG88 on 8 June 2014 in English (English).

aims to structure tags and pages associated with Emergency, especially emergency=*.

Emegency Cleanup

Some might already have seen this banner on a few Wiki pages recently as one of the first steps to start the project was trying to find all pages related to this topic. I saw the need for it when osm Hydrant was released I realized the Wiki was pretty confusing on this topic and also had a lot of pages that only existed in German.

Some goals I came up with so far:

  • Gather relevant Wiki entries related to Emergency

  • What is missing?

  • Develop a new structure (Templates, emergency/amenity, “Emergency” Wiki page)

  • General Cleanup

This is of course not complete and it would be great if more people would join the Discussion and help with the Wiki page.

My hope was to get a bit more done, before I encourage others to help before I write this entry, but it turned out that it was a bit more work than I thought, especially sorting all the existing tags. So feel free to use the Edit button.

Should OpenStreetMap participate in ResetTheNet ?

Posted by AndiG88 on 5 June 2014 in English (English).


How you participate is up to you, but be ambitious! Sites: promise to add HTTPS, HSTS, and PFS this year.

OpenStreetMap Enhances User Privacy

Today, OpenStreetMap has enabled encryption (SSL) to all of the website, thereby enhancing the privacy of its users.

You can now browse the site at (note the ‘https’). This means your browsing activity is secure from snooping.

I just stumbled over a article about this and thought this might be something for OpenStreetMap, considering it also endorsed the “Day We Fight Back” campaign.

As this was on pretty short notice I though I’d just write this diary. I wasn’t really sure who to contact about adding the OSM website or if that should be done at all. I guess it is up to the OpenStreetMap Foundation?

DuckDuckGo Places now uses OpenStreetMap!

Posted by AndiG88 on 6 May 2014 in English (English). Last updated on 7 May 2014.

The next version of DuckDuckGo

Alt text

Thanks to OpenStreetMapNEWS (FB), where I found this article. It was also discussed on HackerNews.

Regio OSM Straßenlistenauswertung - Jeder kann mitmachen!

Posted by AndiG88 on 5 April 2014 in German (Deutsch). Last updated on 8 April 2014.

Ich habe mich in letzter Zeit immer wieder durch diverse Gemeinden Bayerns gekämpft und stelle fest, dass ich immer wieder auf die gleichen einfachen, oft ohne Ortskentinsse verbesserbaren Fehler stoße, insbesonere wenn die Abdeckung <90% liegt. Deswegen fasse ich diese jetzt einmal nach einer mini Einführung als kleine Motivation zusammen, vielleicht trauen sich dann mehr Leute dran.

Alt text

Was ist die Straßenlistenauswertung?

Dort werden Straßenlisten, die von OSM Community Mitgliedern bei den Städten und Gemeinden angefragt wurden, mit den in OpenStreetMap vorhandenen Straßen abgeglichen. Dies ermöglicht es einem Fehlende Staßen zu finden.

Das abarbeiten der einfachen Fehler ist meiner Meinung zudem wichtig, da sich Mapper mit Ortskenntnissen gleich den komplizierteren Fällen widem können.

Warum ist das wichtig?

OpenStreetMap muss sich mit GoogleMaps, TomTom und anderen Kartenanbietern messen. Ein beliebter Vergleichsfaktor ist dort z.B. neben Abbiegevorschriften auch die Anzahl (Vollständigkeit) der vorhanden Straßen.

Zudem ist es natürlich auch keine gute PR, wenn sich dort Rechtschreibfehler finden. Eventuell macht man das ganze auch für weitere Gemeinden interessanter.

Wie kann ich mitmachen?

Einfach auf gehen und ein Gebiet raussuchen, dass du verbessern willst. Am besten erst einmal schauen wie es bei dir in der Region aussieht. Neben dem Hierarchischer Zugang, eignen sich auch Vergleiche und Übersichten um Problemregionen zu finden.

Weitere Informationen:

Häufige Fehler

Groß- und Kleinschreibung

Alt text

Ja, die Auswertung ist case sensitive ;)

Straße vs. Weg

Alt text

Muss nicht immer ein Fehler sein, manchmal gibt es beides, aber oft ist dies nicht der Fall und kann ausgebessert werden kann.

vs. Platz: Kann auch vorkommen, meist gibt es dann aber beides.

Mit oder ohne?

Alt text

Man kann nicht nur die falsche “Endung” wählen, hin und wieder sollte da gar keine hin… oder vielleicht doch?


Alt text

In der Regel stimmt hier die Liste, trotzdem sollte man es nicht blind ändern.

Tipp- und Rechtschreibfehler

Alt text Alt text

Kommen in allen Variationen vor und sind oft, aber nicht immer, recht offensichtlich und dann einfach auszubessern.

Ausschreiben vs. Kurzform

St.- vs. Sankt-, Bgm. vs. Bürgermeister usw.

Glaubensfrage? Man sollte name= immer ausschreiben, andererseits dann wieder wie er auf den Straßenschildern steht. (Wiki bzw. diverse Foren Diskussionen. Diese ist wohl die Interessanteste da es darum geht was (alternative name tags) wie ausgewertet wird.)

Regio-OSM Wiki - Details zur Auswertung

Es wird ermittelt, welche offenen OSM-Wege (ways) in einem Gemeindegebiet ganz oder teilweise liegen und (in absteigender Prio, der erste Namens-Treffer wird genommen)


Im, Am, An, Unter, Drüber usw.

Hier ist Vorsicht geboten, oft gibt es beides, teilweise auch mal mit *weg (Am OpenStreetMap, OpenStreetMap oder OpenStreetMapWeg). Teilweise ist aber eine Version auf der Liste (rot) und eine in OSM (gelb) dann lohnt sich ein genauers hinsehen. Hat man einen weißen und einen roten Eintrag gibt es vermutlich beides.

Rathausplatz & Co

Diverse Plätze kann man oft ganz gut lokalisieren, teilweise sind sie sogar schon eingetragen, aber werden nicht erkannt z.B. als leisure=park. Bei Rathausplätzen eher selten der Fall, da highway=pedestrian ja ausgwertet wird, dafür lässt sich ein Rathaus oft gut finden.

Dennoch hier noch die Liste was genau ausgwertet wird, da es für den nächsten Punkt auch eine wesentlich Rolle Spielt place=:

village: (Dorf)
suburb: (Stadtteil)
hamlet: (Weiler)
isolated_dwelling: (Einzelsiedlung)
farm: (Bauernhof)
neighbourhood: (Nachbarschaft)
locality: (Örtlichkeit)

Zudem so gut wie alle relevanten highway= tags

Der Ländliche Raum - Höfe & Siedlungen

  1. Oft ist schon ein landuse=farmyard oder landuse=farm +name= eingetragen, dann kann man es sogar über die OSM suche finden und einen passenden Tag bzw. place= node hinzufügen. </br> Sehr selten kommt es auch bei residential areas (Wohngebiet/Siedlungen) vor.

  2. Mit oder ohne Hof? Manchmal gibt es beides, teilweise gibt einem eine kleine online Recherche, aber auch Aufschluss über die Situation:

Alt text

Zu viel des Guten

Alt text

Klar ist es schön, wenn am Ende dransteht wir haben X Straßen mehr, aber irgendwann reicht es dann doch auch.

Von daher auch mal einen kleinen Blick in die gelbe Liste werfen, insbesondere FirmenZufahrtXY ist hier eine sehr beliebte “Straße”, die sich oft als 5m driveway entpuppt. Zudem auch in der gesamt Liste mal einen Blick über und unter jeden gelben Eintrag werfen, dort findet man dann oft viele der oben erwähnten Fehler: Oft ist dann ein Teilstück der Straße Richtig geschrieben und ein anderes nicht.

Korrekturen im Wiki

Die Listen liegen alle im (Ansprechpartner: okilimu) , man findet auch immer einen direkten Link auf der Auswerungsseite. Dort kann man nach Freischaltung auch offensichtliche Fehler, bei denen man sich sicher ist, ausbessern.

Diese sollte man dann am Ende in einem Abschnitt == Korrekturen == dokumentieren!!!

Neben den diversen Schreibweisen, kann es auch teilweise einfach mal vorkommen, dass eine Straße einfach in der nächsten Gemeinde liegt, da dann auch mal prüfen ob sie dort in der Liste steht.


Das ist jetzt eher ein Idee von mir und zwar habe in letzter Zeit hin und wieder mal eine Note gesetzt, wenn es z.B. einen Ort am xy-Bach geben sollte und man die Lage des Baches kennt. Ich finde es ganz sinnvoll, solange man nicht übertreibt, so besteht eine gute chance, dass ein lokaler mapper helfen kann, der die Straßenlistenauswertung nicht kennt. Bei kleineren Gemeinden habe ich mir sogar überlegt mal eine Node mit dem Link zu setzten, wenn einfach nur 2-3 Straßen fehlen.

Wichtige Hinweise!

  • Die Links zu Google Maps sind nur dazu da um Straßen ungefähr zu lokaliseren und nicht dazu diese einfach blind zu übertragen (was man auch nicht darf)!

  • Inzwischen beziehen viele Webseiten Datan aus OpenStreetMap d.h. diese übernehmen falsche Schreibweisen, d.h. wenn ihr die Straße bei google search findet, kann das auch auf OSM zurückzuführen sein!

highway=bus_stop - Mappen für den Renderer

Posted by AndiG88 on 29 March 2014 in English (English). Last updated on 30 March 2014.

If #OpenStreetMap had an award for the most used tag for the sole purpose that something shows up on the map, highway=bus_stop would be a promising contender. The headline a common phrase in the German OSM community says just that: Mapping for the render engine.

I’ve been mapping for 3 months now and after finishing all the house numbers in my village POIs and Bus stops where next on my list and I had never been more confused.

highway=bus_stop is widely used to mark the position where passengers await for a bus service […] however there is not complete agreement within the community on this matter, and some users advocate using highway=bus_stop as a node within the highway=* at the place where the vehicle stops.

Great so what now? A 3rd opinion? What about the German Wiki entry:

This use is incompatible with the new public transport schema and should be avoided.

Are you fucking kidding me.

So I started to look further into this and the next stop obviously was public_transport=, which then also lead me to highlights like:

Use public_transport=platform and/or highway=bus_stop to identify the places where passengers wait for the service.

Digging a bit further I found the to this day most informative page on the whole issue…

Proposed features/Public Transport

20th April 2011: 43-3 a overwhelming majority approves of the “new” public_transport= tagging scheme.

After reading through all of that I can say that there is one sentence above I stand 110% behind, the German Wiki:

This use is incompatible with the new public transport schema and should be avoided.

PLEASE support public_transport=

Alt text

It doesn’t matter if you are mapper or developer. But I especially appeal to all the people responsible for rendering map tiles, because I won’t be able to get people to use public_transport=stop_position if it doesn’t show up on the map. And thanks if you already do!

Right now the “or” basically means add public_transport=stop_position to highway=bus_stop if you like or don’t, but not that you can use either of those with the same result.

The main reason I write this is because I hope more people will support and use the new schema as there have been several post in the German Forum over the last weeks and it was even discussed in the German Podcast 01:09:30 and the only thing consistent in all discussions is inconsistency.

Wipe off highway=bus_stop from the surface of OpenStreetMap!

…that’s my personal opinion. Redirect the Wiki entry to public transport, replace all the tags in the database and remove it from every editor and render engine.

In 22 days it has been 3 years since that proposal was approved…


Btw. if your prefer Reddit’s comment style check out /r/openstreetmap:

#Ebola Outbreak in #Guinea - MSF Suisse needs maps of three towns! #OpenStreetMap

Posted by AndiG88 on 26 March 2014 in English (English).

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Switzerland rapidly needs maps of three towns in order to support their relief efforts of an ebola-like outbreak in Guinea. MSF are requesting assistance from HOT as this area is currently unmapped.

Hot Logo

Just wanted to share this here as I guess more people check this blog than the homepage.

Location: Gnoumoulou, Gueckedou Centre, Guéckédou Prefecture, Nzérékoré, Guinea

My recent #OpenStreetMap mapping progress in one GIF:

Posted by AndiG88 on 24 March 2014 in English (English). Last updated on 26 March 2014.

Virchow-Viertel (Gewerbegebiet Stadtbergen)

Original file ‎(1,357 × 730 pixels, 461 KB) - Go to Map Karte Virchow-Viertel

  Disclaimer: old/new - German/Standard OSM Style!
Location: Virchow-Viertel, Stadtbergen, Augsburg (district), Bavaria, Germany

#SFSU & #OpenStreetMap - The name= key is for names only!

Posted by AndiG88 on 20 March 2014 in English (English).

I have been reading several User Diaries from the students and looked at their edits. I think this is awesome and wish I had it at my University, but one thing I noticed is that many use the name= key wrong and I guess this is the best way to reach most of you.

Name is the name only

The names should be restricted to the name of the item in question only and should not include categories, types, descriptions, addresses or notes. If something really doesn’t have a name, don’t add one to OpenStreetMap. Any additional information should be included in separate tags (see e.g. aforementioned links) to identify its meaning.

If you name something bin (name=bin) or ramp (name=ramp) no software will recognize it correctly and all the effort you put into locating and mapping the way or POI was in vain.

Map Features

Another reason why there should be some kind of anti-spam protection...

Posted by AndiG88 on 10 March 2014 in English (English). Last updated on 11 March 2014.

Alt text

As I pointed out in my last diary… SEO SPAM @ User Diaries & Descriptions

SEO SPAM @ User Diaries & Descriptions

Posted by AndiG88 on 9 March 2014 in English (English).

Can we please fix the SEO Blacklink Spam?

BlackHat SEO

I have been mapping here for a few weeks now and what caught my eye from day one was the pretty large amount of spam here and how long it sometimes takes until it gets removed - IF it gets removed at all…

And while diary entries usually get removed pretty quickly (which is still annoying as they show up in the RSS feeds and on Social Media), some accounts with spam in the user descriptions are over 1 year old as I just found after reading this entry.

So What’s the Solution?

User Descriptions:

  • Someone has to work his way trough the list in the Wiki and remove the profiles.

  • Maybe implement a report Button

User Diaries:

  • Only publish them after a moderator has approved them.

  • Require accounts to have a certain age or amount of edits (the 2nd one could obviously backfire as it might lead to vandalism)

With all the active people and programmers involved in this project there must be better way to deal with this and get it under control.

Don’t you think? Anyone got any better ideas?