Should OpenStreetMap participate in ResetTheNet ?

Posted by AndiG88 on 5 June 2014 in English (English)


How you participate is up to you, but be ambitious! Sites: promise to add HTTPS, HSTS, and PFS this year.

OpenStreetMap Enhances User Privacy

Today, OpenStreetMap has enabled encryption (SSL) to all of the website, thereby enhancing the privacy of its users.

You can now browse the site at (note the ‘https’). This means your browsing activity is secure from snooping.

I just stumbled over a article about this and thought this might be something for OpenStreetMap, considering it also endorsed the “Day We Fight Back” campaign.

As this was on pretty short notice I though I’d just write this diary. I wasn’t really sure who to contact about adding the OSM website or if that should be done at all. I guess it is up to the OpenStreetMap Foundation?

Comment from Paul Johnson on 6 June 2014 at 02:06

I really wish that there was a good way to proxy cache HTTPS. Or, heck, cache HTTPS. Most browsers won’t do it, and (obviously, duh) it can’t be transparently cached with squid. HTTPS is definitely much more bandwidth intensive than HTTP, which is still a big problem: Much of the US is still on dialup, and pretty much everywhere that isn’t Scandinavia or South Korea isn’t exactly doing much better.

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