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3D Tags, lots of work

Posted by Amiga4000 on 10 February 2013 in English (English).

Hello again

3D tagging is a lot of work. I started in Graz, now I tag my home village, Wendhausen. Some results are liste in here already. Now there is a bigger discussion about 3D tags in the forum: (german) (general)

And the video I made from my tag results visualized with OSM2World in a virtual 3D environement (cAVE): Video:


Part of Wendhausen done

Posted by Amiga4000 on 5 February 2013 in English (English).


I have finished 1/3 of wendhausen, partly. Now missing: trees and surface of all the ways. I learn. Results to be seen on:

More work to be done… Any hints, problems, tips, ideas?


Getting along, lightmap

Posted by Amiga4000 on 29 January 2013 in English (English).


One month has past since I started in Wendhausen, I have done some buildings already! To slow, but it gets forward. With this pace, I will be done next Xmas, ha ha ha. After Wendhausen I get back to Graz again. Or maybe draw buildings around Wendhausen from bing maps and add more addresses. But time and mood… Lightmap did not show any sign of my added street lamps, the check their databases currently.


Christmas Time

Posted by Amiga4000 on 25 December 2012 in English (English).


It is Christmas - enough time and dark weather. Went a long walk through my home village and made pictures my cellular - battery went out before I got all and now it is raining again. Started to add street lamps and fire hydrants in a first round. Needed to move some streets and buildings, as bing pictures are more detailed and better placed than before.

Got enough to do now for the newst weeks ;-)


P.S.: It shows uppen, but is Wendhausen…

Location: Lower Saxony, 31174, Germany

Got back

Posted by Amiga4000 on 14 December 2012 in English (English).


Based on some entry in german osm forum, I got my josm to latest built and did a refinement of my 3d buildings. The key Q in josm is very nice. I learned, again. Was a nice big changeset - But as I was in the run, I just did refined the NMS St.Peter in the Brucknerstrasse and added 3d Tags. Trees still missing and some more.–

Lets see how my mood keeps up the next days. Got some nice ideas. And lots of areas to improve and fill in Graz.


Some stuff

Posted by Amiga4000 on 19 November 2012 in English (English).


Some time has passed. The discussion ended without a change. Ok. One addition to the relation of type=building: If you have a building of only one outline AND inside of that outline a smaller part of building being higher/lower, you tag it as 2 seperate lines. Be sure to add the tag “building=yes” AND “building:part=yes” to the outline! Else the kendzi3D plugin will not render the outline building.

Seen that problem in this area:– I added the 3D outline of the houses, the trees and some small other changes. Now I wait for to render it ;-)

The time before I tried my hands on the “Herz Jesu Kirche” in Graz, but the simple 3D schema misses a lot for churches:– and Ok, the last link is not yet rendered with latest changes.

But I do miss: - roofs like gabled, but only one half (side area of church e.g.) - some material like sandstone


Discussion building:material

Posted by Amiga4000 on 9 October 2012 in English (English).


Currently there is a discussion in german section about the building:material tag. See here: and here:

Please participate with your opinion.

thank you.


I just enhanced the section of materials for roof and buildings in the wiki: and

Need some ideas about the name on building material. And I hope it fits for all you.


Mehr Tags

Posted by Amiga4000 on 3 October 2012 in English (English). Last updated on 6 October 2012.


I just found the 3d tagging scheme for JOSM and it helps a lot. Another topic was the 3d tagging of the area of the new vienna main station.

The tags I do add for 3d, if possible: * building=* * building:levels= * building:levels:underground= * building:min_levels= * building:colour= * building:material= * height= (in meter..) * roof:colour= * roof:shape= * roof:orientation= * roof:height= * roof:material= * roof:levels=

For colours I do use this chart:

Important is the relation of type=building for all building parts.

EDIT All is noted in the guidelines, supported by the 3 bigger 3D renderer of OSM data.


Active again

Posted by Amiga4000 on 21 September 2012 in German (Deutsch).

Welcome back

I am active again, lots of other duties in between, but I am back. I finished the buildings and addresses in my home area Wendhausen ( and I started with 3D tagging. Currently still in time of learning and see what goes best, asking community on whats best. But I already learned a lot.

If you start mapping in 3D, have a look at and follow some guidelines:

  • always user building=* for a building (even for outlines of building:parts)

  • always use a relation of type=building for buildings containing building:parts

  • in multipart buildings set height=* for ALL parts except outline polygon which contains the building=yes tag

  • attach entrance to building:parts polygon, not only to the outline polygon

cya Lars

Holiday in denmark

Posted by Amiga4000 on 14 October 2008 in English (English).


I got on a trip to denmark with family, vester husby.
I try to map a lot of ways we walk/drive, but as I got no bike, I walk a lot and as ways are long, I just map a part of them.
Coastline was a bit out of line, corrected it.
Weather is fine, sunny, windy, nice, I got enough time to map so far.
As I got not danish keyboard and I´m lazy, I have not tagged all correct by now, but ways are in so far.
Some more to come.


Weekend done, tracking done

Posted by Amiga4000 on 9 September 2008 in English (English).


Weekeend done, 2 nice, hard, long days with some GPS traces new to OSM.
As written, saturday the Baerenschuetzklamm at Mixnitz, and sunday I went on a special trip from Graz via Weiz and the Feistritztalbahn to Birkfeld.
The narrow gauge railway from Weiz to Birkfeld is now in the data of OSM and the core of Birkfeld.
As the hike trip on saturday made my body feeling weired and I'm not 100% fit, the core of Birkfeld is rather small, it is on a hill and went further on, I wasn't in mood to walk further on. Maybe next time, maybe someone else.
And I made some correctness to the railway east of graz, as the GPS trace showed some errors in the 20-50m area.


Location: Faustleitner, Birkfeld, Bezirk Weiz, Styria, 8190, Austria


First entry, after I got my garmin and mapped my homevillage (Wendhausen, Germany).
Today I went with a friend into the Baernschuetzklamm at Mixnitz.
I always wanted to do more hiketrips, weather is really fine (30 degree celsius and sunshine) and that hiketrip wasn´t mapped yet.
We got heavy in sweat (yeah, a job in a office is no sport or training), but finally we got through the flume via ladders and all other stuff.
Luckily the written path looks very fine, it even fills a gap of the train route near nothern Graz.
Now I rest, tomorrow another trip with steam train.


Location: Mixnitz, Pernegg an der Mur, Bezirk Bruck-Mürzzuschlag, Styria, 8131, Austria