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Posted by Amiga4000 on 19 November 2012 in English (English).


Some time has passed. The discussion ended without a change. Ok. One addition to the relation of type=building: If you have a building of only one outline AND inside of that outline a smaller part of building being higher/lower, you tag it as 2 seperate lines. Be sure to add the tag “building=yes” AND “building:part=yes” to the outline! Else the kendzi3D plugin will not render the outline building.

Seen that problem in this area:– I added the 3D outline of the houses, the trees and some small other changes. Now I wait for to render it ;-)

The time before I tried my hands on the “Herz Jesu Kirche” in Graz, but the simple 3D schema misses a lot for churches:– and Ok, the last link is not yet rendered with latest changes.

But I do miss: - roofs like gabled, but only one half (side area of church e.g.) - some material like sandstone


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