I'm creating a free MapSource installer for Windows

Posted by Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason on 21 June 2009 in English (English)

I maintain a Garmin map export of Iceland which is updated daily. But I've had complaints from Windows users about the maps being hard to install, they expect to be able to upload maps from Garmin MapSource.

Unfortunately the only GUI MapSource installers are proprietary and seem to expect you to use cGPSMapper. To work around this other mkgmap exports have a .bat install script. That works, but not very user friendly for the general Windows userbase.

So I've started to write one, it's really basic at the moment but it's coming along:

And it can install maps that are viewable in MapSource later on:

And here's an alpha version for the brave. That package will install a map of Iceland into your MapSource installation.

The installer itself is really simple. It's a stand-alone executable that reads an accompanying .ini file that tells it what to do. Right now the ini file only contains a brief configuration section that support installing one map as well as all the UI strings in the program to make it translatable.

I plan to make it support multiple mapsets (families) and multiple maps within families though. And perhaps if I get far enough with it some mechanism to update the installed maps when prompted.

Basically everyone's who's producing a Garmin map with mkgmap today should be able to generate a simple .ini file and zip it up along with the executable & the maps to support installation on Windows.

Regarding the MapSource registry format can someone tell me what the hex value here means:



does it correspond to the family-id I pass to mkgmap or something else?

And regarding this:



Can I add more maps under that family by incrementing the \1 key? So OSM_ICE\1, OSM_ICE\2 etc? and are there more keys than LOC/BMAP/TDB and TYP that are used?

Comment from acrosscanadatrails on 21 June 2009 at 16:56

That's cool!
I use Inno Setup for mine. and mapsettoolkit to check that the map is right. But this is even faster.

Great Job!

Comment from Radfahrer on 24 June 2009 at 08:32

This is a really good idea! If I had any idea about Windows programming I'd offer my help, but so all I can do is encourage you to get this working.

Comment from Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason on 24 June 2009 at 08:41

This is actually the first bit of Windows programming I've ever done, and I'm doing it in AutoIt which is a language I've never used before. But it's really neat, I wish there was something like it for *nix.

I'll try to clean up what I have and get it into SVN in a few days.

Comment from Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason on 19 September 2009 at 10:17

The program is now (after a long while) in SVN and on the wiki.

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