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May 18, 2008
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Note: I have not yet agreed to the new Contributor Terms, as there is no opportunity to select what license preference i have in these settings. Indicating 'Public Domain' on the link page, does not indicate a fair assessment of users who want their data PD. New Contributors do not get a choice to agree, nor do they get a chance to change their mind about license. The Contributor terms do not reflect the needs of the Data Imports, and is based on a false assumption that imports are 'bulk_implopped' when they are actually carefully added by multiple users. (Canada with the CanVec data as .osm files is a fine example of handling Imported Data)

Although i am a minority, i will not accept the contributor terms until they get changed.

I use a Garmin GPSMap 60cx, I am working to help make biking across canada easier, by building and proving a totally free GPS Map & Guidebook showing the best route across Canada showing all the information that is needed.

'Across Canada Trails' is a registered company in Victoria, BC - selling post cards and accepting donations.

The 3 routes are:
The Across Canada Trail (paved alternate)
The Unofficial Trans Canada Trail (official from
The Trans Canada Highway (Bike on shoulder)