Cupertino Area

Posted by wallclimber21 on 6 December 2008 in English (English)

Spent the whole evening correcting streets in Cupertino and Saratoga. Sometime the TIGER data is 100% accurate and then suddenly the streets right next to it are seriously off...

I just correct points based on the Yahoo photos and don't touch any of the TIGER tags. I hope it's not necessary to touch the 'reviewed' flag to avoid changes to be undone with a later import? There's an edit history after all, right?

Location: Rose Blossom Drive, Cupertino, Santa Clara County, California, 95014-4215, United States of America

Comment from Minh Nguyen on 7 December 2008 at 00:37

There is edit history, and there’s a bit of debate about whether tiger:reviewed even matters anymore.

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