New member, working on Georgia

Posted by moszkva ter on 26 July 2011 in English (English)

Hi there!
I am a newly registered member, and I plan to edit some road features in Georgia. I would currently concentrate on road classifications and road numbers, as I cannot add any geo, due to lacking a GPS.

Currently, I would like to upgrade the Kakhetian highway between Isani and the Airport in Tbilisi to a Trunk road and also clean the ramps. But if there are any objections, please tell me.

Are there any people from Georgia around?

Btw, when editing with Podlatch 2 today I recieve error messages "cannot load map". Anyone else has this problem?

Comment from jynus on 26 July 2011 at 15:45

Sorry, not from Georgia or near, but you may found more info here:

There have been some maintenance issues recently on OSM servers. Be patient and it may be resolved soon:

Also, if you do not have a GPS but your area is partially mapped, you can use a service like Walking Papers:
It is a fun alternative! :-)


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Comment from moszkva ter on 26 July 2011 at 15:48

thanks for your help!
Walking papers is an interesting alternative! So far, I will do some armchair mapping, but in future I plan to go out in the field. Anyway, I plan to buy a GPS some time I get some money in my hands :)

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Comment from AndrewBuck on 26 July 2011 at 18:22

I'm also not from the area, just offering more suggestions. If you turn out to be the only person in the area (or the only active one), you may want to try to find others around the world who would like to help do the armchair mapping, leaving you more time to focus on ground surveys, etc.

Walking papers, as listed above, lets you re-scan the work so you or _anyone_ else can enter the information. You could potentially set up a team of people to help enter the information that you collect. This would not only be a more efficient use of time/resources, but would allow you to interact with more of a pseudo-community for your area, even if there are not other mappers physically in your area.

Anyway, just a thought. I enjoy armchair mapping myself and do quite a lot of it even though I am the only really active person in the area and should probably be focusing more on groundwork as well.


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