joost schouppe

Mapper since: September 14, 2008 | Contributor terms: Accepted over 3 years ago

Addicted mapper, or so they say.

Started mapping after using OSMAnd in the Dominican Republic. Have been mapping based on GPS, local knowledge and Bing sat images in Belgium and the countries I've travelled to. Here's more about my mapping life in my Belgian Mapper of the Month interview.

I believe OSM is a swarm, in the sense Falkvinge describes in his book Swarmwise. That philosphy implies what you contribute yourself is probably less important than the effect you can have by direct community-growing efforts. So even though I definitely do no consider myself a networker, I do try. As a mapper mostly interested in making the map rough-and-ready for basic navigation - I mostly trace new roads. But also interested in fixing up borders, fixing Notes as a way to learn new things, road quality and hiking.

Apart from mapping, I actually use the data in real life, for example during my one year road trip through South America. Using Osmand on the road. I'm always adding waypoints, GPS tracks and corrections. I add Notes mostly to remember where I have to fix things. Also Mapillary user, to help provide an open StreetView alternative for mappers.

Also interested in community dynamics and simple statistics of Openstreetmap evolution (check out my Diary for more posts about the subject). Member of the Belgian OSM Meetup community and especially active in Bolivia.

@joostjakob on Twitter and Reddit