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Welcome message for new users in Brazil 10 days ago

@SomeOneElse a more systematical approach is needed to get statistically valid results. The good thing is, the longer we wait, the more likely we have enough data :) I'd like to look into this further in June 2015...

Welcome message for new users in Brazil 10 days ago

I think Switserland and Belgium might be interested in the automatisation. I'll send this diary to @xivk from Belgium. Do you think you can share this?

We had some success in Belgium. I think we recruited some people for the Meetup group.

COFFEEDEX & the single-tag revolution 12 days ago

Please don't kill overpass :)

Just only make the call after a certain zoomlevel is reached?

Routing tests and Uruguay 12 days ago

I've been navigating for 25000km through South America, using Osmand. In general, quality is definitely good enough, though making notes of all the errors made me a top 50 note maker worldwide :)

COFFEEDEX & the single-tag revolution 13 days ago

Now that I've actually tried the thing: - the "world map" only shows café's that already have the info? I'd like to be able to browse the map to check for places I know, not just places closest to me. - the rendering doesn't seem to show plaza's clearly, good points of reference when it comes to café's - the little map for a café isn't always very clear. It would be nice if you could zoom in/out there as well

COFFEEDEX & the single-tag revolution 15 days ago

@Dietrdreist, I've been adding that tag on the road with Osmand. It's easy! If you're a mapping nerd! But with a dedicated editor it might be easy for any old nerd.

Being a newbie 17 days ago

Anyone who defines themselves as an expert on OSM is an expert on OSM. Do we need to formalize that? If we do, we might restructure our communications system Reddit style. Edits and comments can get you positive and negative "karma", which is the opinion of the rest of the community. Bullies would easily get downvotes, making their behavior less rewarding.

It's the nature of OSM that opinions will differ. New contributors who cannot deal with that, might not be the most suitable contributors anyway. But the more discussion about "the right way to map", the more probable that some formalization will take place, right? If you have a real voluntary "human validation process", you do indeed need some guidelines. As @tmcw said, database conflicts might be a problem. So approval has to be as quick as possible. Changeset approval and discussion should thus be separated. If things are "about right", approve the changeset and open the discussion afterwards on how things can be done even better. Only if things are really bad (breaking things, doing things in completely different ways from standard practice), disapprove. For example, breaking a relationship would result in disapproval, mapping landuse including ways would be approved but commented upon.

Again, anyone could sign up to approve or disapprove changesets. But anyone can "upvote" or "downvote" their decisions. People with too many downvotes could be excluded from the process if the need arises.

When it comes to time and energy, I believe the first priority should be on making some automatic error detection. Because even experienced users make mistakes, automatic error detection can help everyone.

How to improve OSM: kill the bureaucracy 19 days ago

@Rob, would very much like to help out. I've got a thinking session on my to do list about dealing with and preventing (new) contributor mess-ups, which sounds like a similar communications problem

COFFEEDEX & the single-tag revolution 19 days ago

Absolutely love the concept. Would like to see an application to add WiFi availability this easily.

Being a newbie 22 days ago

Just passing me the ball now, aren't you :)

Well, I do like to think about things like this, and I don't have enough internet at the moment do do a lot of mapping (apart from making notes and adding POIs). So maybe, maybe.

Being a newbie 24 days ago

Examples: The sad story of a new contributor messing up , and someone who's annoyed

Being a newbie 24 days ago

The solution of course can't be all technical, but I do believe editors should warn you when they think you're doing something strange. But how about giving a contributor the option to "send changeset for review" when this happens? An experienced user can probably approve, comment or disapprove ten changesets in the time of one revert.

This is a recurring issue on the diary and on the forum. I think we should try to join forces and write up some proposals. I'm sure that we can do better than we are doing now, both protecting data integrity and contributors making mistakes... Then, it will be easier to stay patient.

Proyecto carreteras asfaltadas about 2 months ago

Here's another simple way to see if the most important roads in your area are already tagged as paved/asphalt/concrete: using Overpass

Haciendo para Ayacucho el mejor mapa de Latino América about 2 months ago

Asi que me fui a Ayacucho. La primera impresion era pesimo: llegamos de noche, bajo la llucia - que caotica la ciudad! Pero de dia parecio una belleza el centro; y que encanto esta zona con puro calles sin trafico y mucho espacio verde. No vi algo parecido en el Peru!

En cuanto al mapa: bien bonito, pero le falta informacion basica. Por ejemplo, aqui la calle 28 residentiales de hecho son gradas. En esta zona, falta definir one-way streets. Y me fui hacia Cuzco por esta carretera "trunk", qua aun es muy bonito, es mucho mas lenta que la carretera supuestamente secundaria que es mucho mas amplio y rapido. (Se juntan aqui, y ya cambié la classificacion.

Como no es muy facil hacer la travesia de Ayacucho, seria importante classificar algunos de las calles residenciales como tertiary o secondary para dirigir un poco el trafica hacia calles aptos para esto. Si es que existen calles aptos :)

Proyecto carreteras asfaltadas 2 months ago

Gerald, That's exactly how I would like to see it, and how I used to map in South America. Unfortunately I'm afraid that's not realistic in Peru and Bolivia, where that would imply mapping a lot of the most important roads in the country as tertiary ...

GORDON'S ALIVE 2 months ago

As a heavy, happy, old fashioned Potlach2 user I am glad to hear it is still alive.

And yeay for the undelete function!

Proyecto carreteras asfaltadas 2 months ago

As usual, Osmand fullfills my feature requests the moment I post them. As Naoliv mentions above, as of version 1.9 will have this functionality built in!

Proyecto carreteras asfaltadas 2 months ago

Entiendo que el progreso es un problema :) Quizas se puede motivar a los que quieren demostrar el progreso que se hace a actualizar el mapa! Supongo que es la gubernacion local que es el responsable. Se los podira explicar que con OSM ellos muy facilmente pueden mostrar a la gente lo duro que han trabajado.

El segundo problema es exactamente el problema: viendo el typo de carretera, uno tiene ciertos expectativas de la calidad de la ruta. Pero eso no vale en sudamerica, como hay rutas menos importantes que son super buenos, y carreteras que conectan ciudades importantes que son pesimos. Solo utilizando a surface y smoothness yo creo que se puede resolver este problema.

Haciendo para Ayacucho el mejor mapa de Latino América 2 months ago

Impressionante el trabajo, ojala le da a otras ciudades del Peru un impulso! En pocos dias voy a venir a Ayacucho, como siempre navegando a mi casita rodante con Osmand. Supongo que ya no podré apoyar mucho a la mapa, pero por lo menos rasgos GPS subiré. (Aqui una vista de los rasgos que ya subi)

Quizas al lado de la mejor ciudad de Latinoamerica, podriamos hacer un concurso del pueblo mejor mapeado. Yo propongo a Coroico, Bolivia!

Ya es posible disfrutar las rutas del Perú (actualizado) 2 months ago

Hola Diego, Acabo de hacer la carretera Tarapoto-Tingo Maria. Asi que ahora desde Olmos hasta Tingo esta disponible GPS tracks como para mejorar la geometria de las carreteras - a veces esta bastante "mas o menos correcto". Aparamente hay un plugin para hacer esto con JOSM (improve road geometry), pero como to sigues con ID, you sigo con Potlach :) Bueno, ya le pusé su surface tga, si es que tengo tiempo, empezaré el trabajo yo mismo. Te cuento que viajando siempre estoy utilizando Osmand (escribi un articulo sobre como lo uzo [aqui|]), para navegar, grabar tracks y poner "[Notes|]". Los tracks siempre los subo, asi que lo puedes utilizar en iD. Los notes, en general les resuelvo yo mismo (con tiempo), pero si es que tu tienes el tiempo: aqui estan todos: .