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Some basic statistics for the state of the map in Flanders, Belgium 13 days ago

Escada, you're right. When classifying nodes, I saw a lot of them that add some information to roads: e.g. some roundabouts, highway=Ford ford etc. Hence my attention to these. It is, as you say, probably more I.interesting to use the tags on the ways themselves. I did build some indicators like that already, like how many roads have the surface tag, the maxspeed tag, resiresidential roads with and without name. I'm not sure on how to add this all up at the road network level.

Some basic statistics for the state of the map in Flanders, Belgium 17 days ago

Hey Sander, I don't have the data right now, but I think nodes tagged with something like "editor=JOSM" are to blame. These have been deleted around that time. I might exclude these from the totals.

2 years of overpass turbo 21 days ago

Not being a programmer and having manual-o-fobia, I second DaCor. Absolutely love the wizard as a way to get to know the thing.

Now for an interface that directly converts a query to a nice little global uMap to get those user numbers even further up :)

Invitaciones y bienvenidas a OSM 21 days ago

Usario naoliv escribio sobre este script en su diario.

En Belgica tambien estamos interesados utilizar un script para los mensajes.

Hizé algo parecido al proyecto de Jese hace un tiempo, vea mi diario

Address evolution in Belgium 23 days ago

So I should have tried the preview first...

building address    node address
2009    1       13
2010    183     685
2011    1365    1767
2012    12268   2563
2013    25846   4483
2014    62064   8529
2015    83720   19884
Address evolution in Belgium 23 days ago

Hey Sander,

I did some analysis myself on the history files. I use Mazdermind splitter and importer tool, so deleted items linger around and I'm not sure how it handles relations. Here's what I get for Flanders:

  poly address  node address

2009 1 13 2010 183 685 2011 1365 1767 2012 12268 2563 2013 25846 4483 2014 62064 8529 2015 83720 19884

My numbers seem to be a lot lower. Any idea why that might be?

My definition of an address was "has an addr:street and an addr:housenumber tag"

An idea for making it easier to link external data to OSM 23 days ago

Nandachuva, there is no necessity for there to be a one on one relationship between openstreetmap objects and external objects. In your example, it sounds like a reasonable query to ask OSM to show all statues related to one person from this person's wiki page. But what if there's a wiki page for the person and for the statue. Than the statue might need two values for the wikidata tag (u-oh). Or we would have the statue refer to the statue page, and create a relationship for the person (u-oh), containing the statues for this person. This relationship would then have the wikidata id for the person.

The second problem you mention looks more complicated to me. I suppose wikidata will only allow wikidata id creation for things that are 'notable'. I believe all things should -potentially- have an external id. I could theoretically just tagging things for my theoretical project, say introduce a openrestaurantid=Q123 , for my own selection of things that deserve an idea. But what I would really like a s a kind of API that allows any external project to ask to generate an external id to be written into OSM; and preferably all using the same tag. Maybe though, it would be better to do something like this with something like externalid:opentrip=Q123 and externalid:wikidata=Q111 , for a restaurant that has both reviews and a wikipedia page.

An idea for making it easier to link external data to OSM 24 days ago

Very interesting thoughts, thank you all very much. I didn't know about the wikidata tag. What makes this example so interesting, is that they could in fact refer to an object in OSM by the wikidata tag. Instead they refer to the relation ID. Here's an overpass example for a random thing with a wikidata tag:

I wonder why they didn't do that. Yes, there are problems with my proposal, but much bigger problems with using an OSM id.

Documenting Process for Creating GPS Traces 25 days ago

I just use Osmand on my LG G2. Quality seems good enough to me, but of course, I'm using it mostly in not so densely populated areas. Here's an article I wrote about how to use Osmand to contribute to OSM. And here's a pretty map of the tracks I've been uploading to OSM over the past 9 months.

It's elegant they said. It will be eaiser to change street names they said. about 1 month ago

@Peter Mead One building can easily have more than one address, so there is a real need to map some addresses as nodes. Address nodes also have the advantage that they can indicate an entrance: eg an apartment building can have two adresses, with entrances quite far apart. So I'd just map all addresses as nodes.

Informe 2014 en OSM Perú about 1 month ago

El trabajo de Diego, lo vi, es fenomenal. Como me gusta la autopromocion, durante mis tres meses de viaje en el Peru en 2014, he puesto como 500 notes (300 ya lo corregí), he grabado y subido GPS track de todo el viaje para uso en OSM, he mejorado un monton de rutas principales en el Peru, y he puesto la informacion sobre pavimentacion (surface) y calidad de las rutas (smoothness).

Sobre la actualizacion!! about 1 month ago

Si usas Osmand, se puede actualizar el mapa cada semana.

Japan, why are you so beautiful? about 1 month ago

Because of population density? This is what Japan looks like at night, a good proxy for population density within a country (actually population density * prosperity * measures to decrease light polution). Striking similarity, no. It could be interesting to overlay both images and look for outliers. A bit like I believe members of your team did some time back, but using image complexity in stead of population density as a predictor of expected data density.

Editing with Overpass and Level0 2 months ago

Thanks for the write-up. Looks like a good way to fix errors. Can't see how anyone could have anything against this method.

Welcome message for new users in Brazil 3 months ago

@SomeOneElse a more systematical approach is needed to get statistically valid results. The good thing is, the longer we wait, the more likely we have enough data :) I'd like to look into this further in June 2015...

Welcome message for new users in Brazil 3 months ago

I think Switserland and Belgium might be interested in the automatisation. I'll send this diary to @xivk from Belgium. Do you think you can share this?

We had some success in Belgium. I think we recruited some people for the Meetup group.

COFFEEDEX & the single-tag revolution 3 months ago

Please don't kill overpass :)

Just only make the call after a certain zoomlevel is reached?

Routing tests and Uruguay 3 months ago

I've been navigating for 25000km through South America, using Osmand. In general, quality is definitely good enough, though making notes of all the errors made me a top 50 note maker worldwide :)

COFFEEDEX & the single-tag revolution 3 months ago

Now that I've actually tried the thing: - the "world map" only shows café's that already have the info? I'd like to be able to browse the map to check for places I know, not just places closest to me. - the rendering doesn't seem to show plaza's clearly, good points of reference when it comes to café's - the little map for a café isn't always very clear. It would be nice if you could zoom in/out there as well

COFFEEDEX & the single-tag revolution 3 months ago

@Dietrdreist, I've been adding that tag on the road with Osmand. It's easy! If you're a mapping nerd! But with a dedicated editor it might be easy for any old nerd.