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RFC: wikidata->osm lookup table about 1 year ago

@mcld your solution adds a third component into the equation when mappings can be integrated into Wikidata. If any solution works, why not host it at WD?

Wikidata has many references, while OSM is huge if you count nodes. Only limited subset of OSM is meaningful.

RFC: wikidata->osm lookup table about 1 year ago

All we need is a property to contain "node/410291638" OR "relation/1061137".

Discussion about P402 RFD is rather twisted: part votes to remove the inaccurate prop, part votes to keep data, part votes to keep "at least single way to do it".

Шри Ланка about 1 year ago

Статуи (photo13072537_456239134) обязательно загрузите на commons, местные сами название уточнят потом

Der JOSM-Relations-Editor about 1 year ago

German translation of is missing at the moment.

"Crisis of anarchy" about 1 year ago

@BushmanK, I can understand your style/implication and criticism clearly.

Still, could I ask you a favour:

  1. Don't overstate "everywhere", "always", "they"
  2. "nobody": I care about civil and well argument discussions. I'm pro open conflicts. I'm against sock-puppeteers and passive-aggressive communication.
  3. Third comment here is full of shit and insecurity; second one is half-provocative. Drop "you have created".
  4. I understand that you and many of our users were simply pissed off by behaviour of some people, but could you still lower number of strictly personal comments please?

Try to support good ideas more frequently, It will help you to switch to the right and fresh state quicker. Ex, I love to watch what Mapbox does (or any other open company, really).

"Crisis of anarchy" about 1 year ago

@salmin, @SomeoneElse, @BushmanK

Thank you for civil and well argumented discussion.

駕駛人校,如何分类? about 1 year ago

Currently I usually tag the grounds as 'amenity=driving_school' and the track with 'highway=raceway'. However, this may not be correct, as the driving school may have its main office elsewhere.

We created E 2.0 to address exactly this case.

Consider using

  • education=exercise_area for site
  • education=courses + education_profile:driving=yes office
  • education_amenity:driving_snake=yes snakes

I agree that E2.0 tagging is not perfect and we should work better on E2.0 next time.

When you 'discover' a city that is not on OSM about 1 year ago

An active Chinese mapper, what a wonder! :)

On a serious note, It can be that some mappers are not good at detecting roads-vs-paths in Chinese mountains using imagery, especially if this locality has no other sources.

Классификация мапперов на HDYC about 1 year ago

Всё равно без разбора пакетов и осмотра местности не понять характер правок.

активность - полезная, но количество правок (даже в плюс) не говорит о полезности; добавляя можно навандалить точно так же

ОСМ вo все все все about 1 year ago

Кому не шейпфайлы нужны, здесь другие форматы: supports historic names about 1 year ago

Can I make that many queries to Wikidata?

When you enter data for 60K+ items you can query "all cities in country with property P1448". It should work, you can limit results if needed.

But I don't have the time now

when it's not going to provide any benefit

It won't harm you, you don't need to change anything yet. It can be that you will never switch to Wikidata API or WDQS, but you can contribute. You can donate data and wait when somebody will pick it up: supports historic names about 1 year ago

Thing that I can access data using SPARQL/CSV query without a line of code other than SPARQL. Not only it is perfect, it takes 4 minutes to do so and data will be up-to-date.

If you have interest, materials can be found here: supports historic names about 1 year ago

Simplest way is to fetch results using

Database downloads and toolkits can be found here:

so I kept it all in OpenStreetMap

It is impossible to have qualifiers separate from properties in OSM: without parsing; furthermore, almost everything is multilingual. supports historic names about 1 year ago

Impressive, but now I prefer Wikidata for this task, e.g. "Ленинград": and

Code in python would be slightly longer than 30L, but I appreciate how data is layouted in WD so that you don't need to unparse anything.

Newcomers are welcome, even Pokemon Go mappers about 1 year ago

Some people don't like this swarm of newcomers

few users like Eternal September effect.

If they add real objects - fine, even if using suboptimal tags.

If they add imaginary pokemon parks and woods - no so much, right?

OSM value is not in "everyone can edit", but "actual, verifiable" data.

If they tag pokemon spawns using pokemons=here - then it's fine, but if they change woods to parks and vice versa...

Детектив about 1 year ago

Влaдимир K Bлaдимиp К

copycats-аккаунты блокировать.

Единственное исключение людям забывший свой пароль называть учётки "Владимир К2".

Владимир, конкретно с участниками у которых месяц регистрации "вандализм" лучше вообще не вспоминать слово. Тоже самое про "бесполезные" правки.

Одно "правило" и один пример "неправильности".

Если человек идет на контакт и старается меньше делать ошибок, то можно оставить его.

ALOS Global Digital Surface Model "ALOS World 3D - 30m" (AW3D30) over 1 year ago

True, thanks for other references as well.

ALOS Global Digital Surface Model "ALOS World 3D - 30m" (AW3D30) over 1 year ago

Christoph Hormann then published his review of AW3D30 in August:

Finding the local experts over 1 year ago

Mailing lists are dead, few use IRC regularly; the only way to spot local mappers is

And guess who forms a community and who is not. Some users may take a 1 year break in edits but can consult you anyway.

RIPL organized seminar on Building Information Modeling (BIM) and launched ARCHICAD in India over 1 year ago

BIMcloud®, the world’s first real-time BIM collaboration environment

How many users can edit at once? What is the biggest instance confirmed by GRAPHISOFT?