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Post When Comment now has OSM-powered bike routing for Western Europe almost 4 years ago

Looks nice.

I only see tooltips for the login buttons, not for the orange ones. (Firefox 30 on Ubuntu).

White House almost 4 years ago

Have I entered a time machine? I thought spamming Echelon was something from over 10 years ago?

Android OSM apps almost 4 years ago

If you are like me and want to be able to put notes where you see stuff (100m to the right of the road) in stead of where you are (on the road) try geopaparazzi.

bicycle traffic almost 4 years ago

See here how mappers around the world are tagging roads that are oneway for cars and bidirectional for bicycles. We have been doing this for years this way and it has been documented for a long time. It has also been visible for years on the OCM as two headed / two coloured arrows (see first link).

If you want to dream up a bunch of new tag values that nobody else uses or nows about, you break all the existing tools. If you want to add more information to the database add extra tags. If enough people find them interesting they will get used by them and picked up by the tools in due time.

Ideas for a "suspect changesets classifier" almost 4 years ago

That is why I mentioned WhoDidIt. Changesets with lots of deletions are specially marked. So you won't have to check them all.

Ideas for a "suspect changesets classifier" almost 4 years ago

When using WhoDidIt you can see which changesets contain lots of deletions.

OS Locator update 201405 almost 4 years ago


I've looked at Nottingham a bit. There is so much green on the map itself (trunk roads, parks and other greenery) that the green circles are hard to see. Your tool might benefit from using (at least as an option) the Mapnik b/w tiles from or any of the other less colourful options listed in the wiki.

Garmin Nüvi 50 with OpenStreetMap almost 5 years ago

The date for the mapdata of is displayed below the map at the right of the webpage.

New to OSM almost 5 years ago

Other mappers active around Houston in the last six months:

Land Use versus Residential Private Property almost 5 years ago

It's atv=yes, not ATV=yes. Whenever possible (except in names) OSM uses lowercase tags.

Doing an A-road as a relation almost 5 years ago

While I too think those route=road relations are completely useless nonsense, there are a lot of people actively creating and maintaining them. So deleting the relation is not a good idea. Completely ignoring it is however fine.

London's contours and lost rivers almost 5 years ago

Interesting picture.

As usual when a map is rendered with a different emphasis, something strange get noticed. Why are both forks of the lost river north of Camden named "Fleet"?

Wunschliste für Mapnik Unterstützung almost 5 years ago

@ 2.

I've seen this request before and I don't understand it. Any roadmap you'll see and many topo maps will render roads in tunnels on top of other features. You'll recognise that it is a tunnel by the different "line-type" used for the rendering.

Google Maps oder Satellitenbilder als Grundlage nehmen about 5 years ago

If the problem is that the Bing imagery disappears if you zoom in, then switch to using Josm. This desktop editor automatically enlarges the aerial imagery when you zoom in beyond the best zoomlevel.

Google Maps oder Satellitenbilder als Grundlage nehmen about 5 years ago

Erstellen Sie keine Openstreetmap Daten mit Google Maps oder Google Satellit oder jedes andere urheberrechtlich geschützte Inhalte, zu denen Sie keinen ausdrücklichen Genehmigung haben.

You should never create Openstreetmap data using Google maps or Google satellite or any other copyrighted sources for which you do not have explicit permission.

We do have explicit permission to use the aerial pictures of Bing. You can turn these on using the first dropdownlist in the top right corner of Potlatch2

In OSM angezeiget Verkehrskarte zeigt keine Straßenbahnlinien over 5 years ago

I actually don't understand why the "Transport layer" on OSM was created at all, while there was a superior third party site based on OSM data before. The main site should point users to other sites if it can't do something at least as well.

ÖPVN Karte Würzburg

Another spammer using OSM for redirection about 8 years ago

If you didn't comment on all the spam, then it would be really gone once the admins removed it. Now we are left with all your references to it.

Making sense of Relations (at least, of the type=multipolygon ones) over 8 years ago

The "linked" column and all the ordering buttons are for working with route relations. For routes the order of the ways matter. The "linked" column shows if you've done it right.

Farmland not rendered by mapnik? about 9 years ago

In the beginning there was only landuse=farm. (This tag has been their a long time, so it is rendered in on the Mapnik layer.) Then sometime last year people on the German mailinglist got into a debate what that tag actually represented. Some people used it for the area directly around the house, barns, stables, etc. Some other people used it so it included that plus all the fields, meadows, etc. To solve that debate a new tag was proposed: landuse=farmyard. This one solely for the area directly around the house, barns, stables, etc. This tag went through the voting process on the wiki and was approved. Now some people thought this was only half a solution and wrote a proposal for a tag for only the fields, meadows, etc.: landuse=farmland. This last proposal is currently stuck in the RFC phase because of lack of interest, but it apparently appealed to whomever maintains the JOSM presets.