Posted by Govanus on 14 November 2013 in English (English)

Intreasting site to fold into my osm db useage.(

Maybe its reinventing the wheel but a mashup with mapcss, GeoVRML, OSMdata, kensi3D engine (in josm plugin) and some runtime intergration possibly with some html5 friendly version of ECMA/Java might give a {text-editor level(/maybe also by an html form element)} easily user maluable 3d render solution that could include multiuser realtime 3D interactive vectored MIcons and sound responces...

video inset signposts incoperated into kensi based landscape with mapcss colour and texture ques intergated: While users and deamon/bots feed info into the landscape (sea and rail traffic openseamap style [but fed with VRML ship models to annotate](and weather links...

For those wondering what happend to VRML97 in standerdised officialy at iso went though some impoving versions and then had the core effort pulled into making it like the xhtml effort at the same time to make it XML capatible and turned into X3D. Early bandwidth restrictions and some user awkwardness with dimlly lit models in cosmos made it lose widespread permanace as browser wars began to focus on pandering to the consistant visual layout Dreams of corperate marketing teams used then to still working in paper white than user definable world of html's 1-2. with big browser support week people gave up sticking to a standard and mainly evolved there own for use in things like games and more widely supported java/Flash filled the rest of the gap.

I think if people are putting the effort to evolve new things like mapcss that don't depend on a wide 3rd party browser support then loking at these older (fadeing from the mainstream memory) initiatives might prove useful to some. Software and algorithums are often already made and teasted (though admitadly some systems could benifit with some updateing of the old s/w to make it run on newer enviroments).

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