Offical OxCAB Tagging

Posted by Govanus on 26 September 2013 in English (English)

I'm adding tags on behalf of Oxford CAB of the sites they run in and a few other currently unshown advice services they refer people to. I hope to use the resultant osm data to render maps for the bureau for public guidance. The information is a bit in-depth and some sites of outreaches are shared with other organisations. At first I hope to leave a node with tags at the shared sites that others marking out the buildings can incorporate in their own shared use method. Internally I hope to use a mapcss to stick a logo with some edge coded to show if is a restricted outreach (one serving people using another service at the site that have requested that we help only them at their place). I hope to find a way to upload some logo's for general rendering of CAB advice sites and give a josm mapcss for their intended usage.

The Models of Southfield park is coming on steadily I'm working on improving the accuracy. British National grid is missing from Josm at the moment that slows stuff down a lot for me, I hope the result will surpass the Mastermap by Ordnance Survey when done.

Comment from chillly on 27 September 2013 at 16:59

Why does the absence of British National Grid a problem slow you down?

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Comment from Govanus on 1 October 2013 at 17:20

All my data is for accurate possitioning is based on referances to standard points registered in the British National Grid. Trying to improve it with pre-GPS techniques and a nominal series of BM's some x-refs. I hope when the time is sufficient to do it out with sights and protractors. The National Grid is easier to work with in this method; as right angles in the UK by design fit well with the Geoid used with the grid allowing me to form a plan with normal angles (and Metric distances). The Grid uses continiously changeing false or Grid Norths that all lie paralel so it self-compensates when lieing as a grid. Internationaly the Uk version's Geiod begins to distort things far from the intended work area like in south america or south africa. So other local grids made using similar ideas were made and used by the same mapping agencys when working overseas. Rather than just copy there work I hope to increase the genral accuracy (oftern +/-1m horiz and vert) to give a more realistic zoom view on osm's drived works such as addeding balconey's and protuding extensions often missed on standards originaly developed for artillary and tank use before re-use for civil-engineering. These features are hoped to make more sence to walkers orinintating themselves, etc.

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Comment from Govanus on 1 October 2013 at 17:35

I should probly hunt down different loacal s/w to speed it up the conversions when not by the internet.

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