about 2 years ago
1 day
Ended about 2 years ago.
Reason for block:

Hi and thank you for the contributions.

There are issues with the edits, and those have not been addressed for a long time, despite the community attempts to communicate in the changeset comments. Unfortunately I have to block this account for now, until those issues are addressed.

We are very happy about all contributions to OSM and would love to help you fix these issues - please contact me in OSM messages or by sending an email to rihards at nakts dot net.

Below I’ll list a few obvious problems - this is not an exhaustive list.

a) Neither of the involved accounts ( and has information on this being organised/automated map editing, no links to wikipages[1].

b) The imports / mass edits are not documented[1].

c) The imports / mass edits are either not discussed in local communities, or are implemented ignoring community feedback[2].

d) Changeset comments and objections are ignored[3][4].

e) Imported data is of bad quality, actually damaging the map[5].

f) The same map data is sometimes damaged 3(!) times in a row[6].

g) Data sources are unclear, with suspect references[7].

Example of bad data (as well as ignoring changeset comments and re-applying damage):

Changeset (user Asumarin) mentions “local knowledge” and damages pharmacy data in Latvia (changing pharmacies into veterinaries).

This is mostly fixed manually by OSM contributors.

Changeset (user Asumarin) again mentions “local knowledge” and re-applies the damage.

This changeset is reverted.

Changeset (user llc_datadelivery) re-applies the same damage to one node yet again.