Mapper since:
November 02, 2020

I’m Каte, I work for RocketData and we are from Belarus. I’ve been mapping on OSM since Oct. 2020. RocketData - a service that receives up-to-date data from business owners and updates information about the business on third-party services.

The import process goes through the following stages:

Adding data by owners in the user account / Loading data from an import file provided by the business owner; Manual data verification by company employees; Automatic mapping of owner-assigned categories to OSM categories; Company search through Overpass; Comparing our data with OSM data; Uploading data to cf_audit for verification; Exporting data via JOSM.

My usernames were formerly llc_datadelivery, RocketDataa if you’ve seen that name before.

The representative of the company, for communication - Iona Shalabanova (Head of Customer Care Department) email for communication