Created: about 5 years ago

Status: Ended about 5 years ago.

Reason for block:


I noticed you conducting an import with

The import guidelines require that imports be done from a dedicated account, after consultation with the local community and imports@ and be documented on the wiki. This was not done here.

In your last communication with imports@ you said you would be cleaning up and not importing more data. Additionally concerns were raised about the tagging and the clear mistakes have not been fixed and the other concerns were not addressed, you were told to not continue importing.

Please do not continue to upload it without first consulting with the local community and the imports@ mailing list.

I have begun to revert this broken import. Please provide a list of all changesets in this import.

This block will last until you have logged on to read it.

To contact me you can send a message or email the data working group.

Paul Norman
for the Data Working Group