Created: about 5 years ago

Status: Ended about 5 years ago.

Reason for block:


There have been a number of complaints about edits that you are conducting mechanical edits retagging various water features.

Before doing a mechanical edit like this you need to consult with the relevant communities, which in the case of world-wide tag changes would include the world-wide talk@ list. This was not done.

Some example nodes are:

303929471 1228536949 2135416681 495494055

In particular there appears to be a mass-retagging from harbour=yes to seamark:type=harbour. These will need to be reverted but do not do so yet because we need to figure out what else needs reverting.

Were the majority of your "Update harbour tags" changesets changes of this type?

Please do not do any more edits of this type until you have consulted and the current edits are resolved.

You can contact me through OSM messages or the DWG at

This block will last until you have logged on and read it.

Paul Norman
For the Data Working Group.